How to Connect With Loved Ones in 2021

In a pandemic year marked by distance, loss, and virtual stand-ins, Americans have become more intentional about connecting with family and friends. Here are a few ways technology can help you show you care in 2021.

• Applying modern twists on old traditions: It’s no surprise that some of the traditional ways we share sentiments and make memories are getting exciting new twists. For example, the innovative new greeting card company, Hello Video, is offering an easy, high-tech way to share special sentiments with family and friends, near or far. Whether you are wishing your parents a happy anniversary, or just want to tell someone how much you miss them, here’s how it works:

1. Visit and browse cards by holiday and occasion.

2. Select a card and add a personalized message and photo.

3. Record and upload a video.

4. Provide the recipient’s name and mailing address. Hello Video will send the card via mail.

5. When the card arrives, recipients can simply place their smartphone over the center of the card’s right interior panel to play the video.

Combining the best of both stationery and personalized video to give you a new way to send greetings, share moments, and create memories, Hello Video offers cards for major holidays, birthdays, as well as “just because” and “thinking of you” sentiments. This innovative technology captures priceless moments and memories to create a shared experience. All cards are $9.99 (which includes shipping and handling), plus tax.

• Collaborating on music selections: You don’t need to be in the same room or even on the same continent to experience the joy of listening to music together. Streaming music services are allowing friends to create collaborative playlists that can be enjoyed at any time.

• Sharing a taste of home: At a time when travel options have been limited, long-distance food delivery is making it possible to share the delicious tastes of your city or region with loved ones residing far away. From New York City bagels to Texas barbecue, sharing a food connection can help you feel physically close, even when you’re apart.

As the vaccine rolls out nationwide and restrictions continue to lift, you might be starting to plan for more in-person visits and travel soon. However, one thing is certain, the innovative technologies and services you came to rely on during the pandemic are going to continue to help you thoughtfully and creatively connect with loved ones near and far.

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