Digital Spring-Cleaning Tips for a New Normal Life

Last year, when the pandemic suddenly shut down our everyday lives and for many of us, pushed them into tiny, isolated spaces, we had to adapt.

Fast forward one year later, and a lot has changed. Now, as the world slowly starts to open back up, it’s time to get a jump start on a new normal routine. Here are some spring-cleaning tips fueled by your smartphone and the latest apps to help you smoothly shift into in-person life.

Make a Fresh Start at the (Home) Office: Research shows that your remote office space may be dirtier and more disruptive to your overall health than work offices. Spring cleaning your workspace and home can be easily done with apps like Spotless and Clean My House. The apps, which offer tools to help schedule chores, create cleaning checklists, and organize spaces in your home, are guaranteed to increase productivity and make clutter a distant memory.

If your temporary work-from-home status is now permanent, it may be the perfect time to re-evaluate your remote connectivity needs. Wireless provider T-Mobile provides home internet service that makes use of the same great 5G network your smartphone runs on to help you thrive in a remote environment.

Tackle the COVID-19 Weight Gain: Recent research has shown that most Americans experienced weight gain during the pandemic. According to a recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association, Americans gained an average of 7.08 pounds between February and June 2020. Luckily, your smartphone can help you prioritize your fitness goals. Apps like Nike Training Club, SWEAT, Happy Scale, and MyFitnessPal will motivate you to re-enter the world with confidence.

Clean out Your Quarantine Closet: Quarantine life may have left your closets full of comfortable loungewear – or perhaps an excessive amount of unworn professional clothing. Donating your unwanted clothing with apps like Lugg allows you to schedule donation pick-ups from the convenience of your home. And apps like reGAIN offer incentives to clear your closets – providing exclusive discount coupons for donating unwanted clothing items to charity.

Prepare Your Pets: Whether you’re heading back to the office, resuming your weekly happy hour book club, or finally taking that rescheduled vacation, your pets are going to be spending more time alone compared to early pandemic days. Apps like Dog Monitor and PetCam can help you monitor your best friend and ensure they are safe and happy.

As you return to a new normal life, implement any of these spring-cleaning tips to help set yourself up for success.

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