Black Women for Biden-Harris Launch “John Lewis Chairs & Water Election Day Initiative”

DENVER, CO—As part of the national movement to ensure that all voters have access to the polls in November, Black Women for Biden-Harris announces its “John Lewis Chairs and Water Initiative.” The goal of the program is to create a comfortable and accessible voting experience for elderly, pregnant and access-challenged voters, in predominantly Black community precincts throughout the country, by providing at least 100 chairs and free water at polling locations.

“I can remember times in Ohio in the cold and snow, when my elderly parents had to stand in long lines at polling places. Sometimes they had to leave to go home before they voted, because the weather was cold and the wait was so long,” recalled Rev. Dr. Barbara Reynolds, Chaplain for Black Women for Biden-Harris, “It is critical to our democracy that every voice be heard and providing simple amenities like chairs and water can help make waiting in line to vote, possible for many citizens.”

“We are calling on professional sports organizations like the NBA, who have demonstrated their leadership by offering their arenas as polling places, to support the “John Lewis Chairs and Water Initiative,” said Dr. Stephanie Myers, Senior Advisor to Black Women for Biden-Harris. “If the NBA and other sports organizations will work with us, religious organizations, sororities, fraternities and other community groups, we can all ensure a strong voter turnout during this unprecedented Covid-19 health crisis.”

For more information, or to join the initiative, contact Pat Duncan, National Co-Chair, Black Women for Biden-Harris

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