Nashville Black Business Owners, Community Leaders, and Preservationist Launches Pac to Advance Black Wealth and Culture

New Group Raises Funds to Boost Young Black Voters Ahead of the Nashville Mayoral Run-off Election.

NASHVILLE, TN – The Young, Gifted, and Black (YGB) Political Action Committee launched a mission to foster economic empowerment, political engagement, and collective advancement for Black families in Nashville. The newly formed PAC will empower its agenda by uniting entrepreneurship, policy, and culture through monthly meetings where twenty-five of Nashville’s most influential young leaders will strategize initiatives for advocacy and community civic engagement. YGB aspires to amplify the economic potential of intergenerational leadership through its established membership model. YGB aims to expand Black prosperity across a growing Music City. To learn more about YGB and its founding initiatives visit

“We are seeing in real-time a new era of leadership form in Nashville, and the leaders are young, talented, invested, and Black”, said Robert Higgins Jr., Restaurateur + Entertainment Mogul

The 10 founding members: Gerald Onuoha, MD + Founder of Everybody vs. Racism; Robert Higgins Jr. Restaurateur and Entertainment Mogul; Monchiere’ Holmes-Jones, CEO of MOJO MKTG + PR; Danielle McGee, CEO of Black Business Boom; Calvin Bryant, Community Leader; Quawn Clark, Co-Founder of Pivot Technology; Tequila Johnson, CEO of The Equity Alliance; Joshua Mundy, Co-Founder of Pivot Technology; Contrecia Tharpe, Ed.D, CEO of FayeVaughn Creative and Carlos Partee, Co-Founder of Nashville Black Market are all notable community leaders and top business owners in the City of Nashville.

The YGB PAC members curated five key pillars with the vision to activate rapidly across Nashville over the next year. The following pillars will act as the cornerstone for YGB and Nashville collectively.

Pillar 1: Economic Mobility and Collaboration 

Pillar 2: Cultural Amplification and Preservation 

Pillar 3: Inclusive Workforce and Technological Advancements 

Pillar 4: Inclusive Leadership and Political Engagement 

Pillar 5: Advocacy for Justice and Equity

“The Young Gifted and Black PAC is a powerful testament to the potential of our collective impact and capacity to shape a brighter future. Through collaborative action, unwavering determination, and a commitment to justice, we are igniting a new era of change. Our mission stands resolute – to build economic advancement, collective Black wealth, and civic power within Nashville’s young entrepreneurial community. We invite all who share our vision to join us in fostering a movement that uplifts, empowers, and paves the way for a more equitable tomorrow.”

“Everything about us, especially as Black people, is attached to a policy.” Carlos Partee, Co-Founder of The Nashville Black Market. “So it’s crucial that we have a seat at the table where the decisions that will impact our lives for generations to come are made. We saw no seats left, so we built our own table.”

The Young, Gifted, and Black PAC invites you to an exclusive networking reception on Wednesday, September 6, 2023, from 6-8 PM at Minerva Avenue, where attendees will have the opportunity to meet and greet the founding members of YGB, learn about us and ways to plug into our initiatives and mission. As Nashville grows so does the need for all communities including and without limits, the Black community.

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