Investing in Homecoming Increases Your Business Profit!

During the fall across the country colleges are participating in Homecoming season. October and November will see homecoming celebrations at colleges in Tennessee like Vanderbilt University, Meharry, Fisk University, Tennessee State University, Middle Tennessee State University, University of Tennessee, University of Memphis, Lane College, and others. All colleges have annual homecomings, and it is tradition for certain events to take place like parades, concerts, football games, and royal balls to honor the college.

Although homecoming is a time of fun, it is also a business. Instead of spending so money during this specific week, many people are making money instead. With more tourist than usual, even small Mom and Pop shops see their profits increase and a piece of the financial impact homecoming brings to the city.

Former Miss TSU alumni Sharonda Walker, believes the key to making money is starting with what others see as a talent you have. “Whatever you are good at, you can make some money even if it’s small. All you have to do is try,” said Walker.

A local mechanic who attended Fisk University used his homecoming weekend to make money by baking. He was always told he had a gift in the kitchen with treats and created a little business for one week by selling all types of delicious desserts during TSU’s Homecoming week. The desserts included: Rice Crispy’s, Brownies, Chocolate Macadamia cookies, cakes, and more. He spent a little buying the ingredients but made over $200 a day selling his treats.

A current senior at MTSU, Keishunna Smith used her homecoming to make some quick money with by providing lettering for Greek Organizations. She was told by friends and family that her lettering designs were neat and unique. Smith contacted greeks that she knew about lettering their jackets and cups. With MTSU’s homecoming taking place over this past weekend, Smith made more money during homecoming than with her current employed job.

Homecomings are every year so if you are interested in making a profit instead of spending your money, start thinking now. Now is the time to think about what talents can you use to make some money next homecoming season.

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