How to Make the Most of Your First Year in Nashville as an Out-of-State Mover

By Remona Drake

Relocating to a new city always brings a mix of emotions: the thrill of new experiences, the jitters of leaving behind the familiar, and the challenge of fitting into an unfamiliar community. If you’re pondering where to go next, you should move to Nashville. As you navigate your first year in Nashville, be prepared for a journey unlike any other. The capital of Tennessee, often dubbed Music City, has a rhythmic heartbeat that captivates visitors and new residents alike.

Top Tips to Make the Most of Your First Year in Nashville as an Out-of-State Mover

Nashville isn’t just a city; it’s a symphony of history, culture, and southern hospitality. Its streets echo with melodies that have shaped generations, and its neighborhoods offer a warm embrace to newcomers. From the honky-tonks of Broadway to the serene parks dotted around the city, there’s an inherent magnetism in every corner.

But what truly sets this place apart isn’t just its musical legacy or mouthwatering southern cuisine. The city can make everyone feel like they belong, regardless of where they hail from. Many hidden gems in Nashville await your discovery, making it even more enticing. As someone stepping into this vibrant community, there’s no better place to carve out new memories and lay down fresh roots.

Finding Your Beat in the City’s Music Scene

Nashville, renowned as the “Music City,” pulsates with a rhythm that’s uniquely its own. Central to this energy is the Ryman Auditorium. Not merely a venue but a temple of sound, it has seen legends, from Johnny Cash to Dolly Parton, take its stage. But the Grand Ole Opry, another emblematic spot, isn’t just for the seasoned folk; it hosts many shows catering to every age bracket. If you prefer cozier spaces, The Bluebird Cafe is your go-to. With its intimate ambiance, you’re in for heartfelt performances. And let’s not forget the annual AmericanaFest. With artists spanning genres and generations, it’s a musical fiesta that unites old souls and modern enthusiasts.

Culinary Delights

The culinary landscape here is a delightful confluence of traditions and innovations. So, during your first year in Nashville, you must dive deep into the South’s heart with a visit to Swett’s, where their classic meat and three will transport you to nostalgic times. However, if spicy fried chicken drives your heart, Prince’s Hot Chicken awaits your patronage. The city’s gastronomic story isn’t limited to its Southern heritage. Places like Mas Tacos Por Favor serve a Mexican storm, while Chauhan Ale & Masala House presents a union of Indian flavors and Southern touches. Every dish here tells a story waiting to be savored.

From History to Art

Beyond its musical prowess, this city is a sentinel of art and history. The Frist Art Museum is a haven for art enthusiasts, housing contemporary and classic pieces. Its rotating exhibits ensure every visit is a fresh experience. But to truly traverse through Nashville’s historical corridors, the Tennessee State Museum is indispensable. Here, epochs come alive, narrating heroism, struggles, and evolution tales. For families looking for an edutainment experience, the Adventure Science Center offers exhibits that spark curiosity across generations. In this city, every cultural facet shines brilliantly.

Building Bonds

The essence of any city lies in its communities, and Nashville exemplifies this. Initiatives like the Nashville Community Education offer workshops ranging from arts to life skills, creating communal learning spaces. If mingling over fresh produce sounds appealing, the East Nashville Farmers Market is a weekly event you shouldn’t miss. Beyond shopping, it’s a hub of community interactions. To foster professional connections, events hosted by the Nashville Chamber of Commerce serve as excellent platforms. Here, handshakes turn into collaborations, and conversations blossom into friendships.

Mastering the Streets

For newcomers, the city’s maze of streets may initially seem overwhelming. But with the city’s robust WeGo Public Transit system, comprising buses and trains, moving around becomes a cakewalk. Environmentally-conscious residents often gravitate towards the GreenBikes program, allowing them to navigate the city on two wheels, reducing their carbon footprint. Yet, walking isn’t just exercise in places like the Gulch or Music Row. It’s an immersive experience, allowing you to catch hidden gems and local artistry at its best.

Best Parks and Outdoor Activities

The city’s green lungs offer a refreshing contrast to its urban heart. The expansive Centennial Park, with its iconic Parthenon replica, is more than just green space; it’s an ode to Nashville’s Grecian connections. For those looking to indulge, the city also boasts of spots that offer healthy and sustainable outdoor dining, aligning with the natural ethos of the city. Then there’s Shelby Bottoms Greenway and Nature Park, a paradise for nature enthusiasts. Its trails are an invitation for hikers and an open playground for birdwatchers. For those inclined towards aquatic adventures, the Cumberland River isn’t merely a water body. Kayaking here offers a mix of serenity and scenic views, epitomizing the city’s natural beauty.

Final Tips for Settling In

Any relocation brings its share of trepidations through new places, unfamiliar faces, and the daunting task of setting roots. Yet, it’s pivotal to approach Nashville with an open heart. With its mix of old-world charm and modern vibrancy, it’s a city that promises adventures at every turn. Challenges? Yes, they’ll be there, but they pale in comparison to the warm embrace of the city. And as days turn into months, you’ll realize that the city’s magic isn’t just in its landmarks but in its spirit and the undying warmth of its people.


Your first year in Nashville will undoubtedly blend joys with challenges. Embrace the rhythm of this vibrant city, savor its rich history, and immerse in its community spirit. Take the leap, dive deep into the Music City experience, and cherish every moment of your new beginning.

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Remona Drake is not just any moving expert; with over a decade under her belt, she has steered countless individuals and families toward seamless transitions into new cities. Her deep passion for travel and keen insight into relocation intricacies make her an invaluable guide for those embarking on fresh starts. Having personally navigated her move to Nashville five years ago, Remona is intimately familiar with the unique rhythms and requirements of settling into Music City. Her insights align strikingly with a study by Miami Movers for Less, which stresses the critical role of community integration. This research paints a clear picture: fostering local connections is not just beneficial but essential to thrive in a new environment.

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