SZA’s “SOS” Album Review: The Wait Was Worth It

For five years, the question on everyone’s minds has been when SZA would release a new album. SZA’s previous album CTRL was released in June of 2017 and has remained a fan favorite with hits like “The Weekend” and “Love Galore” featuring Travis Scott. Well, on December 9th, after giving us the singles “Good Days”, “I Hate U” and “Shirt”, SZA finally dropped her newest album titled SOS. After giving it a few listens, it’s clear that the wait was worth it.

The thing about SZA is she gives you a variety of songs and this album was in that same vein as CTRL. Songs like “Shirt” give you the classic sound that SZA is known. But then you have tracks like “Low” and “Smoking on my Ex Pack” where she sings and has a melodic rap flow throughout the song and then there are tracks like “F2F” that have a little pop/rock feel to it. And in all these songs, the vocal styling of SZA is unmistakably there and the uniqueness is still there.

While there are a variety of songs, the signature vocals of SZA are still there and they are still as smooth and crisp as they once were on the previous album. The one thing she does well is know her lane and what it is. That is shown perfectly in the song “Nobody Loves Me”. SZA hits the necessary notes but doesn’t sway from the range she knows she does and does not have. And for that, we get another good song from her.

With her unique sound and variety of songs, SZA always is going to bring a variety of topics. From “Kill Bill” to the song “Blind”, she talks about her feelings of anger with a past relationship to self-love among other topics on this album. The different variety of songs comes off like a story or walk through the feelings of life whether you like them or not. And when albums flow together like that, it makes it really hard to skip a record.

Overall, this album is a good album. I would not say it is better than her previous effort on CTRL, but this is still a good album and one that will have you listening to it over and over again.

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