Fun Christmas Events in Nashville You Shouldn’t Miss

By Andrew Jenkins 

If you plan to move to Nashville, you will certainly never get bored. It is a lively city that gets even livelier during the Holiday season. There are numerous festivals, events, and places to visit around Christmas and late November. Most of the content you can see is family-friendly, so it’s an opportunity to take your kids with you to experience everything together and make memories. However, if you haven’t visited Nashville before, you are probably a little lost. Today we will talk about the most visited, popular, and high-ranked fun Christmas events in Nashville so that you get an idea of what you want to see first.

One of the best Christmas events in Nashville: Zoolumination

Every year, from late November to January, there is a Christmas event in Nashville called Zoolumination. It is a lantern festival based on Chinese mythology and culture. Visiting this festival is undoubtedly a must. Whether you are interested in Chinese culture and want to learn more, or your intention is just to enjoy the lighting – you should stop by this place. It is beautiful and flashy, and if you come with your family and friends, it could be a great place to spend a New Year’s Eve. Ultimately, you have to pay for a ticket, but you won’t make a mistake doing so. You will get to enjoy the lanterns and hopefully learn about Chinese culture, as well.

Chinese lanterns
Visit Zoolumination for an unforgettable Christmas experience (Photo by: Min An |

The Gaylord Opryland Christmas festivities

If you have never heard about it, the Gaylord Opryland is a massive hotel in Nashville that is well-known and highly visited around Christmas time. It has become a tradition for the residents of Nashville to go there every December. There is a lot of effort put into the breathtaking decorations they do every year, so it’s no wonder people are so eager to see it and experience it yearly. Plenty of people come to see the exterior and interior lights, which are one of the best parts of this event. Besides ornaments, Christmas trees, and lighting, there are a lot of fun wintertime activities for you and your children, like ice skating. You will be able to see beautiful ice figures as well and take pictures.

A family ice skating.
Ice skating is the perfect way to spend Christmas with friends or family. (Photo by: Cottonbro Studio |

The Nashville Christmas parade

The Nashville Christmas parade is something you should miss. Being one of the most visited Christmas events in Nashville – there is everything you need to see and more. From singers to dancers, mascots, and enormous helium balloons – it is truly an unforgettable experience. Your children will love it – so bring them with you! They will make some beautiful memories and stories to tell. The energy performers and the public give are cheerful and festive. There is no way that you could feel sad watching something like this. Even if you suffer from an anxiety disorder, it will get you in a better mood and make you more positive. This festival has even won a prestigious Emmy award, which indicates how good the show is.

The Dancing lights of Christmas

As we said, Nashville’s lively and optimistic energy attracts people and makes Christmas even better, especially during the holidays. You and your children will be able to visit spectacular events such as the Dancing lights of Christmas, for example. This particular event is full of lighting and decorations in every shape and form. It is also a drive-through event which is pretty unique.

Holiday lights at Cheekwood

Cheekwood is an enormous botanical garden that turns even more gorgeous during the holiday season. People come to see the mesmerizing lights, which are countless and all in different colors. They are placed in trees, paths, plants, and grass. Basically – everywhere. It is one of the best Christmas events in Nashville and a fantastic place to take photos – so have that in mind when you visit. If you move to Nashville, all of this will be within your reach. It is a great place to come to with kids. Since moving to another place can be stressful for them, so make sure to take them to festivals and events, so they have some entertainment. Show them that their new home is as great as the old one. Maybe it is even better.

Franktown festival

Franktown is another festival with an incredible light show. It features approximately 200 light displays. Like the Dancing lights of Christmas, it is a drive-through event. For the price of a ticket, you and your loved ones can enjoy this show from your car. This can be interesting to the kids. If you move to Nashville, you will enjoy events like these every year, but what if you want to stay home during the holidays? In this case, you should again consult a professional to help rent a storage unit during the holidays. You should consider this option since you may have trouble with free space in your house. A storage unit can help you with presents or furniture and make space for your guests.

Enchant Christmas in Nashville

Knowing exactly where you are going is one way to cut stress out of holiday travel planning. One place you should visit in the winter is Enchant Christmas. It takes place at First Horizon Park. At Christmas time, the park is filled with decorations and lights. You can go ice—skating as well. We are confident that you will love it.

Assorted color string lights.
Enchanted Christmas is a must-see Christmas event in Nashville! (Photo by: Jonathan Meyer |

Final words

Another reason to move to Nashville is all those beautiful festivals during Christmas. You and especially your children will love it. We hope this gave you some ideas on where to go and which Christmas events in Nashville you should visit. But whichever you pick – it’s a good choice.

Author’s Bio:
Andrew Jenkins is a professional moving advisor and a content writer for Master Moving Guide. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking and camping with his fiancée and their dog.

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