Top 6 Unique Bars in Nashville, TN

By Noah Johnson 

Music and Nashville are two inseparable entities that have often defined each other in the past and continue to do it today. For that reason, so many establishments have come to life in this vivid city, making it a place to have an unforgettable time. Located in such a fantastic city as Nashville, it is natural that some of the bars there are unique. The following selection is by no means a complete list of unique bars in Nashville, TN. Nevertheless, they are the ones you should start from in your tour of looking for extraordinary bar experience in this city.

1.    Bar Sovereign – a cozy place you will love

This hidden gem offers a different vibe than the one Broadway bars usually do. It is unique both for Nashville and in general. First off, the décor is unusual. Some elements, such as a spiral staircase and a decorative wall piece, resemble art pieces you don’t see daily. Most of the interior consists of rustic wood and has a simple beauty. There’s a pool table also, so apart from some truly unique cocktails and good music, you can have that fun with your friends too. The food is predominantly Hawaiian and amazing. People that have been there claim this place makes them feel at home. Places like this that boast good music, fabulous food, and a comfortable atmosphere are good examples of why many people decide to move to Nashville.

2.    Red Phone Booth – unforgettable and classy

If we had to choose three adjectives that describe Red Phone Booth best, they would be: elegant, unique, and unforgettable. The elegance resides in this place’s interior, which consists of leather, polished wood, and subdued lighting. The dominant colors are deep brown and copper. But all that is only a background to what this bar is famous for, and that is the prohibition experience. If you are a fan of cigars, Red Phone Booth should be at the top of your list. Its personnel cocktail crafting skills are outstanding, and so is the Italian menu you will choose your food from.

But here’s one unique thing this bar will have you do. To enter it, you need to dial one of this bar’s member numbers into an antique London red phone booth. All in all, it’s rightfully an item on the unique bars in Nashville list.

A lit cigar in an ashtray and a glass of some drink next to it
Red Phone Booth is among the top 6 unique bars in Nashville for multiple reasons, including the experience of smoking cigars (Photo by JÉSHOOTS |

3.    Skull’s Rainbow Room – live jazz you’ll have to make a reservation for

Whatever is relevant to you when evaluating bars, this spot excels at it. All the guests who had the privilege to explore it said the service was outstanding. Even the pickiest cocktail enthusiasts will find the one with the name Skull Staff to be a delight. As for the music, at Skull’s Rainbow Room, you’ll be listening to live jazz and a good one at that. The only downside is that it’s not a last-minute spot to pick for the night. To go there, you will have to make a reservation some time in advance. That should tell you a lot about whether this place is worth visiting.

4.    Standard Proof Whiskey – whiskey fans must-visit

And now, something for the admirers of country music and whiskey. In case you are not a whiskey person, there’s a good chance Standard Proof Whiskey will make you one. You will learn there’s a whiskey for every taste, and you just have to find one for yourself. A cocktail class is often held here that you can attend or gift someone you think would appreciate it. That is an entertaining experience that everyone who likes to sample different alcoholic drink tastes should not miss out on. For those that have decided Nashville should be their new hometown, here’s a suggestion on how to start their new life stage with style. For the least stressful local move, reach out to specialists in relocations first. Hiring Tennessee movers will relieve you of the tedious activities you must do when moving. Then come to this unique bar, order a single malt, and enjoy every second of what is coming to you in the future.

A cocktail containing whiskey found in one of the unique bars in Nashville, TN.
At Standard Proof Whiskey, you will learn the true beauty of this refined liquor (Photo by Li Sun |

5.    Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row – one of the top 6 unique bars in Nashville, TN

On the corner of Broadway and 4th, there’s a historic venue many famous people have gone through. Visiting it once will not suffice to fully experience it as it spreads on two floors and the rooftop, each very unique. There’s a daily show of live music on each floor and food to die for each customer.  The second floor offers a more vibrant nightlife with a DJ booth, dancefloor, and all. Surprisingly enough, this bar is one of the spots where you can watch football in Nashville. Since no description will be enough to do this place justice, go there and treat yourself to the time of your life.

A band doing a live performance.
Among many things, Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row offers its clients is a daily live performance on two of its floors (Photo by Lucas Allmann |

6.    The Greenhouse Bar – a place where nature meets cocktails

Green Hills is home to the Greenhouse Bar, which probably has more oxygen in the air than any other bar. As its name suggests, the bar is practically a greenhouse with many plants that diligently do their job of CO2-to-oxygen conversion. The ambiance is like nothing you have seen before, so if you are looking for a place different from the rest, look no further.

Final thoughts

As it is natural for a city with such a fantastic reputation regarding entertainment capacity, unique bars in Nashville, TN, are plentiful and worth every dime you spend in them. These 6 options are our top choices you should start from on your quest to make unforgettable memories. You will have a fabulous time, no matter which of them you choose. And so will your palate, as these bars all serve super-tasty food and surprisingly tasty alcoholic beverages. Therefore, make a few phone calls to see which one can have you first and enjoy. And hey, you’re welcome!

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Noah Johnson

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