HBCU Heroes Teams Up With Verizon Media to Host Virtual HBCU “Get-That-Job-Fest” to Engage HBCU Students Seeking Internships & Careers

HBCU Heroes, a non-profit (501c3) founded by marketing CEO, Tracey Pennywell and NBA veteran, George Lynch, is partnering with Verizon Media to host “Get That Job,” an exclusive virtual event on Friday, March 12 at 1 pm EST to support Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU) students seeking corporate jobs and internships. Registration is free and open to the public, visit

The mission is to empower HBCU students with concrete advice to compete for internships and careers at Verizon Media, its subsidiaries (including AOL, Yahoo News, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Life & Entertainment, and more), as well as in corporate America. Registration is open to all HBCU students, alumni, and the general public. For more information, visit:

“Our partnership with HBCU Heroes is creating life changing and robust experiences for HBCU students to level the playing field. We aim to create a more connected world where everyone can thrive in their careers,” said Ramcess Jean-Louis, Vice President, Diversity and Inclusion at Verizon Media.

“While over 60% of HBCU students are low-income, 1st-generation college students with few (if any) contacts in Fortune 500 companies,” said Tracey Pennywell, co-founder of HBCU Heroes, “a great many excel with exemplary GPAs in difficult disciplines. In fact, 70% of African American dentists and doctors earn degrees from HBCUs proving the excellent benefits of an HBCU education.”

Unfortunately, Silicon Valley and Fortune 500 companies have traditionally not recruited at HBCUs like they do at non-HBCUs, making it difficult for HBCU students to get hired.

This event will help connect the dots, plus aid HBCUers with tips to get-that-job! Benefits include:

Tips & tricks to build resumes that get you in the door for a corporate interview.
Advice from successful HBCU alumni on how they did it…and how HBCU Gen-Zers can too by networking and polishing their digital profiles (such as LinkedIn).
Insight on using tech platforms to widen prospects, such as Handshake, QR Codes, etc.
“HBCU Heroes’ mission is to level the playing field,” said George Lynch, co-founder and former HBCU head men’s basketball coach. “We’re proud to partner with Verizon Media while expanding the pipeline of opportunities for HBCU students.”

Segments are fun and engaging, including “Hook ‘Em In 30 Seconds” which will show how to craft the perfect 30-second elevator pitch, often a first step in clenching the brass ring. All segments are geared to be highly informational and interactive with concrete takeaways in career readiness.

Speakers include Verizon Media HBCU alumni executives, human resources & hiring managers, and subject matter experts, all volunteering their time to support this initiative.

“I’m a first generation college student,” said LeAsya Johnson, a junior finance major at Thee Southern University and Agricultural & Mechanical College. “I was under the impression that internships were widely available to ALL college students. I have not secured one, but not for lack of endeavoring. I’d be honored to intern with a Fortune 500 company, but they don’t frequently recruit at my HBCU. This is why these kinds of opportunities are vital for students like me who work strenuously, excel in many areas, but don’t have the corporate contacts or inside track to get interviews for consideration.

LeAsya, who has a 3.0 GPA, is a Community Outreach Director for her HBCU’s ESports team, a Digital Media Fellows Program participant for HBCU Heroes, and serves as president of two on-campus organizations, has a wealth of hands-on experience that would make her a great asset. She’ll be applying for a Verizon Media internship with the insight she gains from this event.

“This partnership between Verizon Media and HBCU Heroes represents the type of “new level access” to internships and job opportunities that for years, HBCU students have missed out on,” said Julani Ghana, Cheyney State University, Director of Student Success & Retention Academic Success Center. “We’re spreading this information throughout our entire campus so that our students get the chance to hear from the industry experts on how to prepare for or secure their future.”

”The idea came about when we shared accomplishments from our HBCU Digital Media Fellows Program participants with Verizon Media,” said Pennywell, who along with Lynch, will also be an event speaker. “They were so impressed and immediately sprang into action to ensure this group has all the details needed to apply not just for their internship programs, but any corporate internships. The idea grew from there into an extended partnership. This is the first event of many.”

Registration is FREE, click HERE! For more information, visit or contact Tracey Pennywell at

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