Metro Council Minority Caucus Elects New Officers

Nashville, TENN, October 14, 2019 – The Metropolitan Council Minority Caucus held its election of officers at their first meeting since the recent election cycle. The Minority Caucus is made up of African American and Latino council members who advocate on behalf of people of color who call Nashville home.

The officer positions are as follows:

  • President: Council At-Large Sharon Hurt
  • Vice President: Councilwoman District 29 Delishia Porterfield
  • Treasurer: Councilwoman District 30 Sandra Sepulveda
  • Secretary: Councilman District 1 Jonathan Hall
  • Chaplain: Councilwoman District 32 Joy Styles
  • Parliamentarian: Councilwoman District 3 Jennifer Gamble

According to the Minority Caucus ensures that equity and inclusion remain in the conversation, policy, and growth of Nashville.

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