NGH Foundation Supports Residents Through Nashville’s Toughest Times

Nashville General Hospital has served the Davidson County community for more than 130 years. During this tumultuous time, the services offered by the Nashville General Hospital Foundation (NGHF) have become even more essential. As Nashville recovers from the devastating storms that wreaked havoc on some communities earlier in the year, while simultaneously fighting to contain the coronavirus pandemic, NGHF continues to provide support to those in need, and lead the city towards a healthier future.

NGHF has long-since supported the community as a whole, including those who are most vulnerable, such as the elderly and the uninsured. The Food Pharmacy at Nashville General Hospital provides those in need with access to nutritious food, and is just one branch of outreach the Foundation supports. Diane, a retired Nashvillian suffering from diabetes, shared how the Foundation has supported her, saying, “I don’t have health coverage, but the hospital helps me out with that. When paying for prescriptions and trying to eat right, this program has been really beneficial to me.”

As a major pillar in the community, “NGHF addresses the needs of patients and their families, volunteers, and staff members alike,” says Vernon Rose, Executive Director of the Foundation. She also highlighted the way Nashville is suffering from a one-two punch in the wake of the “two serious events,” that hit the city hard. The recent tornadoes that tore through the city displaced many families, and left some without access to basic necessities like food, shelter, and water. Just a few weeks later, citizens were forced to halt their daily routines in an attempt to slow the spread of coronavirus, which has now infected thousands of people in the Davidson County region.

In response, NGHF has mobilized quickly to meet the rapidly-changing needs of the community. As an increased number of residents face food insecurity, the Foundation has begun assembling and distributing food totes to those in across the county. Each tote costs about $25, and NGHF strives to distribute 55 totes each day. To make an impact, you can donate to the Foundation by texting “FOOD” to (615) 510-6201 or give online at “Every gift will help someone in need today, directly,” says Vernon Rose. In these unprecedented times, it’s critical for  Nashvillians to rally together in support of one another.

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