TSU AD: Miraculous recovery of football player Christion Abercrombie ‘touching lives’

By LEE JOHNSON | Nashville Voice

When Tennessee State University’s Christion Abercrombie suffered a life-threatening injury in a football game against Vanderbilt last season, many thought the worst. But the middle linebacker’s amazing recovery is inspiring hope and a belief in miracles.

“He’s touching a lot of folks’ lives,” said TSU Athletics Director Teresa Phillips.

Abercrombie was rushed to Vanderbilt University Medical Center following the Sept. 29 incident and underwent emergency brain surgery. He wasn’t expected to make it through the night. But then his mother began to pray, and she asked others to do the same.

“We’re expecting a miracle,” said Staci Abercrombie, Christion’s mother, at a news conference a few days after the surgery. “Each day is a battle. But he’s a strong young man. He’s fighting. We just have to continue to pray.”

Something miraculous started to happen. Gradually, Christion’s condition began to improve. Doctors couldn’t explain what was happening but marveled at the faith of Staci Abercrombie, and other supporters.

“You inspire us,” one of the doctors told the Abercrombie family.

Months later, Christion is inspiring people worldwide with his amazing recovery. A person who wasn’t expected to survive is now running and working out, almost like he was before the injury.

Christion recently completed therapy sessions at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, where he lives. He said he’s slowly regaining his memory and credits God for the recovery he’s made.

“Believe in God, because without Him, nothing is possible,” Christion said.

On April 27, his miraculous improvement will be on display for millions to see when he announces the fifth-round pick for the Tennessee Titans at the NFL Draft, which is in Nashville April 25-27.

Following the Titans’ announcement, Christion tweeted: “God never disappoints.”

It’s uncertain whether he will play football again, but Christion said he does plan to return to TSU and complete his degree in sports management.

But whatever he decides to do, Phillips said Christion’s recovery has already impacted the lives of countless people, including hers.

“It really changed me because I’m more of a pessimist than an optimist,” Phillips said. “Many times we speak about miracles, but I don’t know if folks really believe they occur.

However, when things like that happen, when you witness it, I believe our maker really tries to help us get something out of it.”

A GoFundMe has been set up to help Christion and his family. To donate, visit



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