Hope of the Titans

Nashville, TN – Coming off of a well needed victory against the high powered Atlanta Falcons, the Tennessee Titans and their fans, have hope again. Starting the season with a 1-2 record and two straight loses against divisional opponents, many wondered would this be another disappointing season.

Tennessee is last in their division right now, but the season is still young. Titan’s fan, Armon Bell said, “We [The Titans] will make the playoffs this year.” He continued, “Our defense is top 10 in the league and we can stop anyone, Titan Up!”

There is great reason to have this newly found optimism. Rival Jacksonville Jaguars, are down to their back up quarterback for the rest of the season, and the heart of their Defense All-Pro corner Jaylen Ramsey, is away from the team. The turmoil in Jacksonville has fans feeling good.

The Colts, who Tennessee always struggles with, are also down to their back up quarterback and injuries began to attack their defense.

Rival Houston Texans are still a formidable opponent to Tennessee’s hopes but they currently are having troubles protecting their franchise player, Deashun Watson. The issues and adversities of all their conference rivals, has fans like Elijah Williams salivating at the fact that Titans can start from the bottom and reach the top, “ Tennessee is going to be straight, everyone is struggling,” said Williams. “Trust me later in December and January, our theme song will be Drake, Started From the Bottom.” 

The Titans have only played two divisional games and have four more to go. If they can win out, Tennessee can be at the top of the AFC South. The rest of the schedule doesn’t seem to be tough. According to ESPN’s Bpi and Vegas, The Titans are favorite in 10 out of 12 of their upcoming games. With That being said The Tennessee Titans hopes are sky high for the rest of this NFL season.

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