Biggest Reasons Why Floridians are Moving to Nashville

By Hannah Jones

If you love comforting southern food and country music, it’s no wonder that you would like to move to Nashville. However, there are many other reasons for people to move to the capital city of Tennessee, especially if they are from Florida. While some may argue that nothing compares to Florida’s miles-long beaches, Nashville has unique features that attract many new residents. In reality, since the pandemic began, Nashville has seen a growth in the number of people moving here. And this article will reveal to you the main reasons why Floridians are moving to Nashville.

The climate

In comparison to Florida, Nashville has a better climate. And even if summers can be as hot as in Florida at times, the weather is often more pleasant. For instance, during July, Florida temperatures can reach up to 100°F. In Nashville, it’s up to 89°F. During the winter months, Florida experiences temperatures up to 70°F, while Nashville up to 48°F. The reason? Nashville, unlike Florida, is located in a landlocked state with a sub-tropical climate. That makes the temperatures more enjoyable, almost ideal. However, unlike Florida, Nashville experiences snowfall and frequent snowstorms from December to February. But if you love snow, that’s just one more reason to move to Nashville.

Although summers in Nashville can be hot, they are not as hot as in Florida. And that is one of the reasons Floridians move to Nashville. (Photo by: Brandon Jean |

Living costs

The low cost of living is one of the most convincing reasons to relocate to Tennessee, particularly Nashville. It is a fast-growing city with a 4% lower cost of living than the national average. And if you are relocating from Florida to Nashville, you will be delighted to know that the difference in living costs is 7.6% less than in Florida. Also, Nashville boasts one of the lowest unemployment rates (3.3%) and a labor force growth rate of 3.2 percent. Furthermore, the economy is stable and shows no signs of decline. And with the second-largest job market in the US, Nashville is becoming more and more appealing as a place to live. In a sentence, in Nashville, you will always find a job and afford to live a comfortable life.

Buying and renting a house

If you are thinking about moving to Nashville from Florida and are unsure whether to buy or rent a home, here’s some information to help you decide.

Compared to Florida, where the average price of a home is $378.000, the average cost of a property in Nashville is roughly $298,000. And even if houses in Nashville can be a bit more pricy than in the rest of the state, they are still lower than in other big cities. For instance, the average housing prices in Nashville are 9 percent lower than the national average.

When it comes to the rental market, prices in Nashville are reasonable, especially compared to Florida’s average of $1,700. Also, compared to the national average of $1,400, Nashville is pretty well situated. Nashville is, in reality, less expensive than the national average, with the highest price reaching $1400 and the lowest at $1000. So, by moving to Nashville rather than to another big metropolis, you could be saving thousands of dollars on rent.

Buying or renting a property in Nashville is significantly less expensive than doing so in Florida, which is only one of the reasons why Floridians are moving to Nashville. (Photo by: Tierra Mallorca |

Job opportunities

Many people feel that moving to Nashville is only beneficial for those who want to be country music stars. Nothing could be more wrong. Nashville is a great place to grow your career if you are interested in healthcare, agriculture, transportation, or finance. The city’s automotive industry has also prospered thanks to Nissan’s headquarters, located in Franklin. Not to add that, if you are looking to start a business, Nashville is the place to be. Various types of start-ups are continually sprouting and thriving in this city.

Also, you should know that even if the median annual income in Nashville is slightly lower than in Florida, it provides a much better and more comfortable lifestyle. As a result, that is one of the biggest reasons why Floridians are moving to Nashville without hesitating. And if you also want to move to Nashville for a better life, you can leave the Sunshine State stress-free by hiring interstate movers to help you. They can do all the hard work for you, from packing fragile items to lifting heavy objects and transporting them safely to your new home.


Nashville is known as the Music City, but it is also known as the Athens of the South. The city offers so many opportunities for a good education that it’s hard to believe. For example, Nashville is home to Vanderbilt University, Belmont University, Lipscomb University, Fisk University, and Tennessee State University. Furthermore, these universities provide education in practically every field you could imagine. Law, engineering, philosophy, theology, history, and art are just some examples. Also, if you move to Nashville with school-aged kids, you have plenty of educational options. Franklin High School, Freedom Intermediate School, and Clovercroft Elementary School are some of the top-rated schools in the city.

Nashville is one of the top places to study music in the United States. (Photo by: Marius Masalar |

Food and drink

When it comes to food and beverages, Nashville has plenty to offer. There are many restaurants where you can have a tasty meal ranging from fried chicken to pulled pork, dry ribs, tacos, or gumbo. At the same time, the vegan food scene has a diverse selection of eateries where you can taste some healthy and delicious meals. Oven-baked fries, veggie burgers, vegan tacos, zucchini pasta, or raw Pad Thai are just some examples. And if you are a whiskey lover, you are in luck. Nashville has to offer a large variety of whiskey bars that have even earned the title of being the best in the country. In addition, you can taste some great and unique flavored craft beers at one of the many breweries in town.


As you can see, there are many reasons why Floridians are moving to Nashville. While low living costs and affordable housing are the main ones, there are others to consider. For example, having a good job and access to quality education is equally important. Not to mention the delicious cuisine and pleasant climate that can make the relocation well worth it. So, what would motivate you to relocate from Florida to Nashville?

Author bio: Hannah Jones is a writer and blogger who focuses on home life and relocations. She is currently working with Orange Mover, where she provides articles on how to handle a move and find appropriate storage.

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