Who is Tom Steyer?

If you watched the recent 5th Democratic Debate on MSNBC you might have saw a new face on the stage you were not familiar with. Tom Steyer, the California Billionaire, joined the democratic primary candidates to debate his opponents and to get a chance to explain why he should be the next President of the United States.

Some voters may have wondered who exactly is Tom Steyer?

Tom Steyer is hedge fund manager, philanthropist, environmentalist, liberal activist, and fundraiser. He is most known for spending millions of dollars pushing for the impeachment of President Trump, airing television ads and building a grassroots online network.

While he has never held an elected office, he has been active in politics since retiring from the hedge fund Farallon Capital in 2012. In 2013, he founded the nonprofit group NextGen America, with a focus on combating climate change, promoting social justice, and helping to increase voter registration.

In 2017 he stepped on the national stage by creating the political group Need to Impeach. He then considered running for the positions of California governor and senator, but soon decided to dedicate $100 million or more of his money on a presidential bid.

According to his website, he is “committed to combating climate change, fixing our government, and, when elected president, putting people, and not corporations, in charge of our democracy.” He is also for term limits in Congress, decriminalizing illegal border crossings and expanding the Supreme Court.

After Steyer’s debate performance Quinnipiac poll placed him polling at 5%. He is also averaging between 6-8% in Morning Consult’s early state tracking.

This week his campaign announced senior staff in Super Tuesday states including Alabama, California, Colorado, North Carolina, and Tennessee.

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