Snowstorms Come to the South

This week has been full of cold conditions and terrible predictions. As people struggle with concerns like power, food, and cars; it looks as if like it will come to no end as the winter storm takes over the south. This morning Nashville, TN wakes up to almost 2 to 3 inches of snow in addition to the 5 to 6 inches from the entire week.

Some businesses plan on closing early due to the weather conditions and most businesses decided not to open at all for protection of their employees on the road.

Places like Memphis, TN and surrounding areas had issues Monday morning in regard to having power outages in parts of their cities. Close to 6,000 people were without power in Mississippi and around 4,000 were without power in Arkansas in freezing weather conditions.

Although these places were eventually restored with power, Texas is still working on getting almost 500,000 people power back on while dealing with a recent 133 count car pileup that happened last Thursday morning due to slippery road conditions. The pileup has left at least 6 people dead and over 60 people injured in the hospital.

Texas also deals with mass amounts of pipe bursting issues in this frigid climate that has left tons of people’s homes destroyed with collapse ceilings and floods of water. Let alone, with it being below freezing, people are not catching a break in Texas.

According to CNN News, Austin, Texas Mayor Steve Alder responds to the current situations by saying “The truth is that right now we’re just trying to keep people alive and safe for the next two days, so that’s where all of our focus is. We also need an explanation and an understanding of how we’re not gonna get back here again.”

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