Mayor Cooper Releases Fines and Fees Report

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Mayor John Cooper today released “Reducing Reliance on Criminal Fines and Fees.”

The report by the Center for Justice and Safety Finances is the latest step in the city’s efforts to reduce Metro’s reliance on fines and fees.

“Nashville has made progress in reducing fines and fees that disproportionately affect some residents whose incomes are low or lower than others,” said Mayor John Cooper. “I look forward to working with the Metro Council and the judicial community to identify more ways we can reduce the court system’s reliance on fines and fees.”

In 2018, Nashville eliminated its $44-a-day jail fee and $35 pretrial release fee and launched “Steering Clear” to reduce motorists’ fees and fines.

Criminal Court Clerk Howard Gentry created a compliance division to help defendants comply with court orders, fines and fees and to help judges identify indigent residents for whom fines and fees should be waived.

The report issued today was possible thanks to support from Arnold Ventures, a philanthropy dedicated to data-driven change in criminal justice, education, health and public finance.

You can download the Reducing Reliance on Criminal Fines and Fees report here.

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