Jerry Maynard Announces Campaign Kickoff for State Senate

Former Councilmember At-Large and Pastor Jerry Maynard* has a proven record of getting things done as a community advocate in our city. He played a major role in saving Nashville General Hospital, securing contracts for women and black-owned businesses, and appropriating $10 million for the National Museum of African American Music. As a senator, he will continue to be a champion for social and racial justice and empower those who no longer feel they have a voice.

Maynard has been endorsed by a number of local leaders and elected officials.

 “I believe he is best suited for this position. His experience would be a valuable asset to our party at the state level,” said Rep Vincent Dixie.

“I’ve known and worked with Jerry for a few decades now. He has consistently been a fierce advocate for our community and brings a wealth of institutional knowledge of the law and governance to this position. Jerry would be ready on day one to represent the interests of Senate District 19 and the city of Nashville,” said Rep. Harold Love.

“His approach is fearless and effective. You don’t get things done by going along to get along. You must have the courage to stand up to the mayor, the governor, or a CEO. You also need to be able to work with anyone to make something happen for the community. Nashville General and The National Museum for African American Music are great examples of where Jerry’s fearless effectiveness got big wins for our community,” said Councilmember At-Large Sharon Hurt.

Jerry Maynard’s official campaign kick-off will take place at Swett’s Restaurant located at 2725 Clifton Ave, Nashville, TN 37209 at 5:30 PM May 19th, 2022. To learn more please visit

* Jerry Maynard is the founder and part-owner of the Nashville Voice.

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