Civil War II: The Presidential Race This Nation Needs.

Civil War II: The presidential race this nation needs.

By Staff

America is a tale of two nations; One nation consists of, multicultural, multi-religious, multi-ethic melting pot where our progress is measured by how many become one. The other nation, consists of “real” Americans with one God, one culture, and the fear of those who are different.

Both of these nations are America. In 2008 and 2012 America elected a bi-racial community activist raised by a single mother, who’s message was hope and change. Obama was the poster child of loving and embracing our differences, that the country’s strength was its diversity. Obama WAS change, as the first bi-racial president of the United States of America. The country recognized its history of immigrants and rural Americans not only co-exiting but, loving one another. Obama is the product of multi- cultures, multi- ethnicities, and multi-religious who came to together and became one.

Donald Trump came on the political scene with a message that Barack Obama was not an American. His entire political message that this product of a white American woman and an African professor from Kenya was illegitimate. Trump argued that Obama was not a real “American”. Trump never denied, that Obama’s mother was a white American woman from Kansas. The fact that Obama’s father was from Kenya, omitted Obama’s American citizenship and wiped out his mother’s status as an American. Trump brilliantly recognized that Obama’s America of hope caused tremendous fear in his America.

In Trumps America, change was coming too much at a rapid pace. For Trump America is for us and us alone. By calling Mexican’s rapists and the ban of all Muslims from our country, he pounced on the growing fear of half of the country that America was no longer, America. Trump’s nation pushed back on change, out of fear they could no longer recognize America.

So who is right? Is America Trump’s nation or Obama’s Nation? There is only one way to decide, a head to head presidential race between Barack Hussein Obama and Donald J Trump For the heart and soul and these United States of America.

This is not about Democrat versus Republican, nor black vs white. This is the war to determine what is America and who is an American.

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