Top 10 Hidden Gems in Nashville

By Katelyn Burton

Over the last few years, Nashville has seen tremendous development, especially in tourism. With more and more visitors coming here every day, some sites and attractions have become popular staples. From some of the unique bars in the state to gorgeous nature walks and historic sites, Nashville has something to offer any visitor. However, most visitors will not be satisfied just seeing the popular touristy areas. Those people are looking for the fantastic hidden gems in Nashville. To help with this goal of experiencing the true beauty of the “Country Music Capitol of the World,” we’ve compiled this list of the top 10 lesser-known attractions that Nashville offers.

1. Third Man Records

Third Man Records is one of the less popular tourist attractions in Nashville. Even though tourists do not frequent it like some other city attractions, it’s worth taking a trip, especially if you are a music enthusiast. Here you can find a record store and an exciting novelty shop. However, those two are not the main selling point of the place. The best part is a booth where you can record a vinyl record of your very own.

2. Hatch Show Print

One of Nashville’s oldest establishments, Hatch Show Print, is known for printing some of the most iconic concert posters. It has been printing posters since 1879, and today it’s home to hundreds of original vintage posters that visitors can browse through. You can also see the workers create posters by hand in real time. It’s part of the Country Music Hall of Fame in downtown Nashville. The Hall of Fame isn’t one of the hidden gems in Nashville and is very popular with tourists. However, not many visitors take the time to enter Hatch Show Print and experience this incredible part of music history for themselves.

3. Bongo Java

A great way to start the day while on your trip to Nashville is to enjoy a cup of coffee at one of the oldest coffee shops in the city. It’s located across the street from Belmont University and is trendy among locals. In 1996 Bongo Java came into the spotlight when the owners of the café made a cinnamon bun that people thought resembled Mother Theresa. When you visit the café, you can order the famous Nun Bun. This small coffee shop is also the home of the Bongo After Hours Theatre. It’s a music venue that features live music and dinner theaters.

A cinnamon bun and cup of coffee
Bongo Java in Nashville got famous for making a cinnamon bun that looks like Mother Theresa. Now they are famous for selling their Nun Bun with some great coffee (Photo by: Photo by Photo by Fallon Michael | Unsplash).

4. Hidden Lake Double Loop Trail

If you are a nature lover, this is the place for you. The Hidden Lake, Double Loop Trail, is a hidden gem in the most literal sense. It’s in the Narrows of the Harpeth State Park. The trail is a relatively leisurely walk through a field that leads you to the most picturesque hidden lake you’ll ever see. The fact that it’s so secluded and untouched makes it feel like it came straight from a fairy tale. It’s perfect for taking the perfect Instagram picture, but don’t forget to enjoy the moment while you’re here.

5. Sri Ganesha Temple

You can visit the Sri Ganesha Hindu Temple by a short drive outside the downtown area. Visiting this fantastic temple can feel like you’ve been magically transported out of the US. The architecture of this temple is meant to replicate the look of temples built between 900 and 1100 CE. It’s dedicated to the deity Ganesh, and it’s adorned by several statues depicting the Hindu god. You can explore the area and learn about Hindu culture and the deity Ganesh. There are also services held at the temple once a week for practicing Hindus and guests. Donations are excepted, and guided tours are usually organized once a month.

6. The 5 Spot bar

This bar is in East Nashville, one of the city’s best places to hear live music. It offers excellent drinks, a fantastic atmosphere, and great music. It’s also known for holding Motown Mondays, where patrons can swing dance the whole night. The 5 Spot is trendy among locals. So if you’re planning a move to Nashville, it’s perfect for socializing and networking. For example, if you’re moving to Tennessee from Virginia, a great idea would be to take a trip before it’s time to move and visit this place so that when it is time to move in, you already have some friends and connections in the area. All that would be left is to hire interstate movers to help you organize an easy transfer from Virginia, and you would be all set for your new life in Nashville.

People enjoying live music at a bar
The 5 Spot is one of the most amazing hidden gems in Nashville regarding entertainment. It’s a great bar famous for playing live music. (Photo by: RODNAE | Pexels).

7. Bluebird Cafe

While The 5 Spot is excellent for meeting many new people while enjoying live music, Bluebird Cafe offers a much more intimate musical experience best enjoyed with your travel companions. The café is tiny, so tickets are pretty hard to get. But, if you snag a seat, you’ll experience a mix of great music, a cozy atmosphere, and great food and drinks. There’s also a new talent night on Mondays where aspiring musicians can show their talent to the crowd. You can also visit when their house band is playing, but there’s no reservation, meaning you have to wait in line and pray to get a ticket.

8. Hey Rooster General Store

Although this might sound like an oxymoron, the Hey Rooster General Store is one of Nashville’s most popular hidden gems. That is a specialty store on the east side of Nashville where you can buy unique and historical merchandise. Besides shopping, you should take lots of pictures while you’re here since the traditional look of the general store makes for some great selfie backgrounds. You can expect to see things like:

1. ready-to-eat small-batch food,
2. handmade clothing,
3. art painted by local artists,
4. homemade natural body and skincare products.

This store is next to a row of small, locally owned shops. So, you can spend the day shopping for interesting merchandise while supporting local small businesses.

9. Five Points Pizza

Five Points Pizza has been named one of the best pizza restaurants in Nashville multiple times. It’s beloved by locals and deserves more recognition from tourists. You can expect fantastic food and a great time with friendly staff when you come here. It’s at the heart of the Five Points neighborhood, offering a vibrant nightlife and a great community. The Five Points area is part of one of the best Nashville neighborhoods for young families – East Nashville.

Young male eating traditional italian pizza on paper plate
Five Points Pizza is undoubtedly one of the best pizza joints in Nashville (Photo by: By JJFarquitectos |

10. Radnor Lake

To finish off this list let’s discuss another hidden natural gem in Nashville. Radnor Lake in South Nashville is a secluded area that feels completely cut off from the city, even though it’s basically in the middle of one. It’s one of the favorite places for locals to hang out. Many hiking trails and nature walks to help you relax and unwind after a few days of exploring the fast-paced city.

Final thoughts on hidden gems in Nashville

As you can see, Nashville has much more to offer than meets the eye. There is so much to explore, enjoy, and learn. And while you should visit the more popular touristy areas, if you want to experience this remarkable place, you’ll have to check out these wonderful hidden gems in Nashville. But you should be careful. You might fall in love with this place so much that you decide to move here.

About the Author:

Katelyn Burton is a realtor and a freelance writer for Beltway Movers. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and taking care of her garden.

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