Women’s History Month Business Spotlight: Andrea Evans

For Women’s History Month we decided to spotlight Andrea Evans, a woman who wears many hats as a full time serial entrepreneur, real estate agent and mother. Evans is a realtor at Empire Reality and the owner of Queen of the South Logistics and her non profit JAI Transitional Housing.

Nashville Voice: How did you get started in your various businesses?

Andrea Evans: My non profit JAI Transitional Housing came first because after research I realized 39% of people return to prison within 90 days due to a lack of resources. The JAI Transitional House NPO program is geared to providing housing to people in need of becoming self sufficient. This non profit was formed in 2013 and now after over a decade have a fully active and participating board.

I joined Empire Realty and construction after I met the owner and realized it was more than just selling homes for him, it was actually about building long lasting relationships and I wanted to be a part of a team that Genuinely cared about communities and people. I like being able to assist people do things they think they can’t do, and buying a home is one of them. I’ve only sold 2 homes, however I’m glad to have the ability to do so.

[Recently] Queen of the South Logistics Inc was formed in August 2020. After COVID-19 hit us in March I still needed to provide for my family. After research and observation the only thing still moving were trucks. I always wanted to do business Internationally and this was a way for us to do so.

NV: How did you come up with the name?

AE: I named my company Queen of the South Logistics Inc because I wanted to keep all our drivers in the Southeast region of the US if they needed to get back home to their families. I heard of the TV show afterwards, which I love by the way. Just like Amazon we carry freight of all kinds covering all of America.

NV: How did you come up with the name of JAI Transitional Housing?

AE: “JAI” stands for JUST AN IDEA. ALL things start with just an idea.

NV: We are in Women’s History Month please share with us what this month means for you?

AE: Women have always played our roles in every revolution and evolution. So this month means that we need to salute every woman we know no matter what role she plays. From stay at home moms to women in the White House, to the women who work to protect our streets.

NV: Who are you heroes or ‘sheroes’ ?

AE: Nina Simone, because she came as herself like it or not, she was always authentically herself.

NV: Who is your target audience in real estate and do you have a speciality?

AE: My target audience in real estate is individuals who wish to become homeowners and who are willing to use the resources given to them by the team of people I’ve networked with over the years.

Specialty? When it comes to networking & resources I have a team of people from credit repair specialists, financial & budgeting coaches, furniture stores, home repair & remodeling specialists, and painters. It’s honestly more than just selling a home, not to mention at Empire Realty and Construction we build homes.

NV: What does a typical day in the office look like for you ?

AE: Since COVID-19 I haven’t been in the office. I’ve been working virtually, and it’s been great.

NV: How many hours do you work a week?

AE: I’m an entrepreneur so I’m always on the clock.

NV: How do you think we can improve the gentrification happening in predominantly black areas like 37208?

AE: A complete neighborhood renovation to the homes that need it. It’s just that simple. If you can police the people and lock them up you should be able to provide a resource that’s obviously lacking. No one steals for fun.

NV: What has been the biggest lesson you learned in your real estate and trucking business?

AE: I’ve learned and become more knowledgeable daily in realizing you have to adjust to everything. Say no when you can’t and do your best when you can.

NV: What is the most challenging thing for you with being a serial entrepreneur?

AE: Balance making sure my children get what they need from me. I’m learning balance , to ask for help If needed, always tell people you care about the truth and be willing to accept and or consider their truths.

NV: How long have you been an entrepreneur?

AE: All my life. My parents taught me to always believe in yourself and think. [Because of that] I’ve done music, graduated college, and I’m a mother of three wonderful children that I love and who loves me.

NV: What has been the best thing about being a entrepreneur ?

AE: Setting a goal and accomplishing it. Whatever it is.

NV: Favorite quote?

AE: It’s nice to be important however; It’s more important to be nice; Watch how you treat people.

NV: How has business changed since COVID-19?A

AE: Almost Everything is virtual. Although people are [now] coming out of their homes and going back into the public being on the road and traveling from state to state opened my mind to the rest of the world not being under such restrictions (Andrea visited 30 states in 60 days with her trucking business).

NV: Any final words for your supporters?

AE: Love and support those who love and support you. No matter how big or small you’ll know it’s real.

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