The New Kid on the Buchanan Block

There is a new kid on the block in the historic Buchanan District! His name is Wendell Sturdivant and he is a king of many trades. He is a CEO with a real estate and construction company called Empire Realty and Construction. Additionally, he owns Elevate Mind, Body, and Goals (MBG) and has designed a hot new internet cafe and event space called, “Elevate Cafe.” Essentially, the site will offer various opportunities as a work space for creatives and rising entrepreneurs to showcase their special talents and serve as a chic private event location.

Check out our exclusive interview with the new kid on the block below:

Wendell Sturdivant

Business name:
ELEVATE Mind, Body, and Goals (MBG) and Empire Realty and Construction


In this space my goal is to ELEVATE, inspire, and build a community of urban professionals. My goal is to help support the dreams, natural talents, and gifts of anyone who has a vision. I desire for everyone to become the best ​YOU, and I believe given the proper resources and tools each of us can have whatever we like;​ ​However, we must start with ELEVATING our MINDS, BODY, AND GOALS


At EMPIRE my mission is to encourage revitalization verses gentrification in urban areas. I plan to remodel and build new homes for low-income families to allow them to have a healthier living environment. At Empire our slogan is Building your empire with EMPIRE because no matter the size of your investments your family is your EMPIRE!

Educational background:
I went to college 4 years then decided to teach myself

Charities or organizations your involved in:
I Built a home for Habitat For Humanity. I am a member of Nashville Chamber of Commerce and the Black Nashville Chamber of Commerce.

Top 3 keys to your personal success are:
Love + Patience + Persistence = Success.

Spending time with my family, exercising, traveling, playing basketball, swimming, elevating and inspiring people, going to the movies, watching POWER, concerts and attending Motivational Seminars

Favorite sports team in NBA Finals:
Wherever Lebron James is, but I’m pulling for The Raptors to win the 2019 Championship.

You are the new kid on the block per say what did it mean for you to move Empire Realty and Construction to the Buchanan district?
It actually has been the largest risk of my entire career, but it’s the most rewarding to my spirit and heart! I think anyone being able to take their natural ability or education and apply it to help others ELEVATE their MIND, BODY, and GOALS is a life well worth living!

Tell us about your company and how you got your start:
Empire Realty and Construction is a real estate brokerage for real estate agents to list and help buyers find homes. We also do new construction and home remodels. I actually have been in this business since birth. My grandfather was a carpenter and so was my dad, both built homes and remodeled homes, but they were not able to monetize it well enough to establish a real business. I learned how to build a home from the ground up by the age of 13. I always said I would never be in real estate because they never made any money. At the age of 24 I decided I was going to head in the direction of my family roots and learn the selling side of real estate first because those where the guys that made most of the clean money. I enrolled in school graduated and got my real estate license, the rest is history.

What is your vision for your company?
To become the largest real estate developer in the nation and to be able to fund programs like ELEVATE around the nation.

How does your business give back to the Black Community?
We empower the community by bringing in activities that help with developing the mind, body, and goals of individuals. Our goals is to help create activities that allow people to express themselves in: Art, song, yoga/meditation, poetry, spoken word, sports, eats, and more. So we created the ELEVATE Cafe to give people a working space to develop any idea.

Where can we find you on social media?
@EmpireRealtyandConstruction – IG,FB
@Elevatembg – IG,FB
@Wendellssturdivant- IG,FB

Favorite Book and Why?
The Holy Bible, because it’s my favorite leadership book. The teachings of Jesus shows me how to be a better man each day. His example sets the bar high!

Who is your mentor and how have they helped shape your career?

What is your advice for anyone who wishes to get into the realtor or business sector or even become an entrepreneur?
My advice is to go with what you know. Stay in your lane! Take some time and write what you are passionate about and what comes kind of easy to you. For me it was leadership, carpentry, sports, and bringing talent together. Strive to become the best at whatever you choose. Also, remember you will come to a cliff at some point in your life and you will have to jump and test your wings one day.

For more information on Wendell Sturdivant visit: or call 615-678-1294.

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