Steps to buying your first home in Nashville

By Jason Weinberg

Buying a house is, without a doubt, the biggest purchase that most people will make in their lives. And there are many ways it’s different from shopping for anything else. First of all, it can be quite stressful at some point. However, while you can try to manage stress through music or other activities you enjoy doing, the consequences and risks related to buying your property remain. For this reason, it’s necessary that we go through the main steps to buying your first home in Nashville.

While you might be excited to embark on this adventure, it’s a road full of roadblocks. Therefore, it’s good to know what you can expect to plan the shortest and easiest distance and successfully avoid most roadblocks. And every information you can get is more than useful. After all, this is your first real estate property in Tennessee.

Take the time to understand all the steps you need to take to become a homeowner in Tennesse. This will allow you to plan your decisions carefully. With these steps, you’ll be able to prepare yourself, and you’ll know what you can expect every step of the way.

Know your limits.

Knowing how much you can spend on your home is extremely important. This will help you set the limits immediately and save you time on considering properties you can’t afford.

What happens sometimes is that people start to consider homes out of their budget. They focus on this particular property and put aside any other potential opportunities. However, no matter how good their new home is, the owners can struggle financially at the beginning if they’ve bought more house than they can afford. Set your limits and stick with them at all times to avoid this happening to you. Besides, you might need to hire a moving company to help you relocate, so you need to save for these costs as well. While this purchase is the most important to you at this point, your life doesn’t end here. As a matter of fact, your new life is about to begin, and you need to be ready for it.

Take care of the financing.

Being pre-qualified should be on top of your priorities. It can be done online or over the phone, and this is your first inquiry with a lender. But keep in mind that this assessment doesn’t take a thorough look at your credit rating and finances. It only gives you a general idea of how much you can count on as a loan, rather than give you an exact amount.

What’s great about getting pre-qualified is that it can give you a sense of the amount of money you can expect as a mortgage. It lets you know what kind of houses on the market you can afford. On the other hand, only after you’re pre-approved can you know exactly what amount of money you have available for your purchase. This is what gives buyers the confidence they need and what points them and agents in the right direction when looking for a property.

But it’s also vital to know that this sets some buyers apart from other buyers. The buyers who are pre-approved will have the advantage over other buyers. These buyers can make an offer that doesn’t depend on financing.

Since the housing market is very competitive, pre-approved buyers seem more serious. After all, when considering multiple offers, sellers will usually give an advantage to buyers who can close.

Decide what you want.

It might seem like you know what you want before you start looking for a home. Very soon, you’ll get overwhelmed by plenty of options available. It begins with the location and style of your new home. However, soon, you’ll see there’s a lot more to it.

When faced with many options, some people find it harder to choose and might end up not satisfied with their choice. To prevent this, choose your priorities wisely and write them down before you start looking for a home. At least write a list of a couple of the most important things you want to have in your new home.

Choose the right location.

You’ve probably heard real estate agents say how important location is. After all, you can change almost everything about your home, other than the neighborhood and area. So make sure that the Nashville neighborhood you’ve chosen is the right one.

Check if the property is in order.

You might be eager about moving so much that you turn your head away from a severe flaw. But don’t think about moving now; you can settle down in Nashville without any trouble. At this point, you should focus on the purchase and the property. Even if you’ve fallen in love with the property at first sight, you should make sure that everything is in order before you make the purchase. First of all, make sure that everything suits your needs, like room sizes, standard or additional features, etc. Then, make sure that everything is alright with the home, check the walls, piping, and other parts of the house. Of course, a home inspection will cover these points as well, but you can take a look as well. Also, agents can give you useful tips at this stage.

Get a good real estate agent when buying your first home in Nashville.

It might seem like it’s a good idea to buy your first home in Nashville by yourself. However, real estate agents are good to have by your side since they can guide you through all the sticky situations you might find yourself in. They have access to many listings and are familiar with the market in Nashville. Agents can also help you with negotiations and are, most importantly, good help for first-time home buyers.

While these are the main steps to take when buying your first home in Nashville, try to get more information. With a decision as big as this one, any information can come in handy. At the same time, try to relax and keep your eye on the prize. After all, you’ll get to spend the next New Year’s Eve in your new home, living your new life.


Jason Weinberg is a freelance writer. He started his career producing content for moving companies such as Spyder Moving several years ago but has since expanded his area of interest to real estate, sport, and IT. His hobbies involve playing online games and assembling computers for his friends.

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