Set Yourself Up For Job Hunting in the Pandemic

Noelle Johnson of My Interview Buddy (Photo:
Noelle Johnson of My Interview Buddy (Photo:

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world we live in. People are continue to get sick, the lives we knew before the pandemic are not the same and people have lost jobs. Unfortunately, there are still many that have not went back to working their old jobs back or found new employment. For those that are continuing to struggle looking for work in this environment  Noelle Johnson has solutions that can help you out.

For those not familiar with Johnson, she is the owner of My Interview Buddy, a website that offers services for those seeking employment, including resume restructures, LinkedIn updates and help with making that perfect cover letter. Her company is actually boasted by an 85% job success rate.

One thing she runs into frequently from people seeking employment is underselling and generalizations on resumes.

“When people are trying to get jobs quickly, people are not putting the information that is needed or not putting the information applicable to the job that you are looking for,” explained Johnson. “They are making very general resumes for four or five roles and the resume is not specific to all those roles that they are applying for.”

Generalizations may be one thing, but plenty also fail to highlight themselves properly and for those that are not aware, it only takes six seconds to get that callback or not.

“Plenty are not putting all their skills on the resume. It takes six seconds to capture attention and in those six seconds, if that resume does not capture their attention, then the recruiter moves on.” Johnson continued, “and in some situations, robots look over resumes for key words and if those words aren’t there, then you’re based over.”

Now that you have the tips on what to do and not do, here are Noelle’s tips on making potentially landing that dream job even during unusual time we are in right now.

“First thing you should do is look within your network because people that know you want to see you win. They want to be a part of your success. After you do that, then you need to be specific in the types of roles that you are looking for. Be really clear in the types of roles that you want. Then, get clear on what industries are doing well during the pandemic. We know hospitals, health care and technology companies are doing well or any company that is doing well remotely is what you want to tap into and see if some of those titles that you want are available for those companies.”

Along with these tips, Johnson also recommends spend at least 30 minutes a week on LinkedIn to make sure you have the right people in your network for the job you’re searching for.

With Noelle being in business for over two and half years and with this being her expertise, she has seen many come and go. One thing she can say is that during this time is her tips are a way to get a leg up on the competition.

If any other job questions, reach out to Noelle at for more information and tips.

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