Nodat Introduces Hot Offers, Time-sensitive Coupon App for Small Local Businesses

Nashville, TN – Nodat Inc. announced the release of their new mobile coupon feature Hot Offers – time-sensitive mobile coupons that appear and disappear from their Android app during specific days and times. Nodat Hot Offers will help small local businesses boost their revenue, drive up demand during down times, increase demand on excess supply minimizing the high cost of excess inventory and ultimately driving new and repeat customers. 

Hot Offers are a fun and exciting way for consumers to find and shop great deals and learn more about the small local businesses in their community. Users redeem offers at the business location or company website. The feature does not require prepayment to redeem offers so no credit card is required by the user and there is no revenue sharing or hidden fees for the business. 

“We designed Hot Offers during the pandemic shutdowns because we knew small businesses had been hit hard and would have a small window of opportunity to get their customers back. We also noticed that very few small businesses were employing digital or loyalty marketing. Worse, they were using platforms like Groupon to attract customers or traditional print coupons, and were actually losing money as these solutions failed to deliver long-term value to justify their high-ticket cost. Passive directories like Yelp and Google Local, also drove new customers to only the top ten listings and did little to help businesses retain customers. Businesses were complaining about the complexity of existing marketing solutions as well as about being lost in the patchwork of disparate solutions.” – Aireka Harvell, CEO 

Nodat Hot Offers brings action-driven customer acquisition and retention marketing under one solution that is easy for small business owners and managers to use. Nashville, TN small local businesses can sign up to use Hot Offers free for 3 months. 

  • Boost revenue
  • Drive new and repeat customers
  • Drive up demand and move excess inventory supply
  • Brick and mortar & E-commerce 

In the COVID-19 era, small local businesses need effective, easy-to-use marketing solutions more than ever, and Nodat seeks to be the go-to platform for owners looking to drive both new and repeat customers to their small business in one easy-to-use community marketing platform. 

Nodat is the first single platform for acquisition, retention, and promotion designed to fit the budget and know-how of small business owners. The company plans to release more features later this year.

Nodat currently has over 11,500 registered Android app users and 1500 registered local businesses. Nodat is headquartered in Nashville, TN and also operates in Jacksonville, FL. Investors include: Beta Boom Women’s Venture Fund. For more information connect with Nodat on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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