Co-working Space for Wellness Professionals Offers Safe and Affordable Option to Working from Home

Nashville, TENN — The Atelier co-owners Stacey Lanier and Ila Foster launched their approach to co-working in 2019 with the goal of offering health and wellness professional’s office space without the expense and hassle of renting a large office. Their goal was to always offset some of the overhead associated with starting a business. With the arrival of COVID-19 their mission has become more important than ever.

To help provide an affordable working solution, starting in the month of December until February 1st The Atelier is offering access to furnished and equipped office space for a full day, once a week at the low rate of $250.00 a month.

This special deal also includes one month free and no security deposit.For those business owners who may be looking for a place to drop in and work every now and then, The Atelier offers office space at $65.00 an hour with no membership fees required.

“COVID has created a climate of financial uncertainty; small business owners are no exception. The need for wellness professionals is at an all-time high, our community is hurting right now,” explained Lanier. “Our pricing structure helps to reduce unwanted stressors of long-term leases and high overhead.”

The Atelier, like most co-working spaces, allows for cost savings and convenience using common infrastructure such as equipment and office space. What separates them from other locations is their private rooms designed with the healthcare practitioner in mind. This also allows for a working environment that provides the social distancing necessary during this pandemic.

As COVID-19 has changed the way we work, more business owners are working from home which can be difficult. Securing a dedicated space to work at The Atelier can bring some normalcy back to the working experience, without the risk of using a coffeeshop or a large office space with many people.

The office space at The Atelier is cleaned and sanitized daily and is perfect for seeing clients one on one in person. The office spaces also offer high speed WIFI, making telemedicine a perfect option.

The Atelier is committed to offering the best environment to work from because it was founded with community in mind “As wellness entrepreneurs ourselves, we believe in the importance of a professional, supportive community.” Foster continued, “and that’s what The Atelier provides.”

During the month of December, The Atelier invites professionals to stop by and work for a full day for free. To set up your access to office space please email The Atelier at

For additional information and how to become a member, visit

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