Businessman Ray Mckenzie, Gives Small Businesses an Enterprise Size Tool to Service Their Clients and Customers.

Black PR Wire – StartingPoint Technologies is on target to be one of the highest valuated businesses started during the Covid shut-down. Since the release of this new tech-tool, small business clients have been subscribing at a faster pace than anticipated. It has proven to be useful in many ways with the small business affordability and enterprising level of service delivery. This SaaS offering for small to medium sized companies and teams, securely increase client engagement and streamline workflow.

Ray McKenzie spent years working in the startup culture in Silicon Valley. Much of his time was spent overseas and bicoastal. He has built service teams in various geographic locations, worked in cyber-security, and helped prep companies to go public and be as profitable as possible. After leaving his last tech company in Silicon Beach, Ray launched Red Beach Advisors, a business technology consultancy. The work that he did with RBA gave him the vision and inspiration for StartingPoint. The needs of the small business owner became more apparent and urgent, especially in the Coronavirus era.

StartingPoint was developed for companies and teams between 2 to 20 employees that require simple tools to support their business efficiently. There is no coding. To customize. These companies and teams value effective and simple software that makes their lives easier and allows their customers an easy way to communicate for their needs. StartingPoint is also critical at this current time due to COVID-19 and the transforming work environments for SMBs. More employees are remote. More teams are distributed. SMBs do not have tools that easily solve these challenges and StartingPoint is the solution.

“StartingPoint was developed through our experience with service providers and challenges SMBs have to compete with larger companies. Smaller companies and teams do not have the technology available to provide great client service and engagement. We help SMBs level the playing field, compete, and solve their most pressing challenges.” ~Ray McKenzie, StartingPoint Founder & CEO

57% of SMBs believe remote work will continue after COVID-19 and business continuity and efficiency needs to remain.

“The digital transformation of SMBs has been accelerated due to the world changing in front of us. We, at StartingPoint, are developing secure solutions for SMBs to manage their brand, clients, customers, and improve efficient workflow.” ~Ray McKenzie, StartingPoint Founder & CEO

StartingPoint released their initial SaaS offering in May 2020 and is now available for all companies and teams. For more information on the product, visit .

You can also check out the explainer video at

For more information or sales inquiries on StartingPoint, contact StartingPoint at or (424) 218-6353

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