A Perfect Treat for Men this Holiday Season

With the holidays right around the corner plenty of people are going over their shopping lists trying to find that perfect gift. There are plenty of options for men to get women and of course for kids, but what options are out there for the dads and uncles and grown men? A shirt or a tie may be on the list for them, but Toya Griffin has something else in mind for you.

For those that are not familiar, Toya Griffin is the owner of Mo’ Scrubs by Toya.

“I started Mo’Scrubs back in July of 2018 after meeting with my life coach. I had turned 40 in May of 2017, sent my two daughters off to college and was feeling a strong need to begin a new chapter in my life. I wanted to do something that I enjoyed, that didn’t feel like ‘work’ and that gave me the ability to provide for my family.”

From there, the idea for Mo’Scrubs came out of nowhere.

“I had NO clue I would have started a skincare and wellness business! I mentioned it to my life coach that I knew how to make a scrub that evens out your skin tone and repairs damaged skin and she suggested that I start a business with that. I laughed at her. I just didn’t see anyone being willing to pay me for scrubs that I had been making for myself for years. Well, I was surely wrong! I started Mo’ Scrubs with just three body scrubs and now I have over ten and a ton of other products.”

Griffin has scrubs, masks and even acne products, but last year she expanded into the beard market for men.

“I was reviewing my Google Analytics and saw that over 70% of the people that visited my website were men, yet they didn’t make up even 30% of my customer base. Not only that, they were clicking on my site and then leaving. That made me realize that I must not have what they were looking for. So, I did some research, put together a small focus group of men and asked them what they wanted. Most of them wanted to either grow a beard or maintain the one they had. I launched my first beard oil and beard balm with my spring/summer 2019 line and it has done amazing since! I’ve added a beard wash and will soon be adding a beard mask.”

You may not think taking care of your beard is important, but it is. As Griffin points out, there are plenty things that can happen if you don’t take care of your beard.

“Your beard is an extension of you. Keeping your beard clean and groomed is a part of good hygiene. Not only that, your skin underneath your beard needs care. Not treating your skin can lead to dry, flaky and brittle beards.”

While you’re out there thinking of things that you may want to get that special man in your life, your father or even a family member, beard treatments are where it’s at. You’re not only giving men something they can use, but you’re giving them something that can help them take care of themselves.  And as far as tips with looking for beard oils, Griffin has a tip for those out there looking.

I know a lot of men love those beard oils that smell good but look at the ingredients. Beard care in the winter is especially important, as cold weather leads to dry skin that can stunt your growth.

If you’re in the market and trying to be safely shopping in your home during this pandemic, Griffin’s website is easily accessible and can get you what you need, including her Classic Man custom beard line which she has this to say: “ Imagine a beard care line that stimulates hair growth, repairs breakage and protects your skin underneath to add moisture and eliminate ingrown hairs? You don’t have to imagine it; you can have it!”

Head to check out Griffin’s beard products and what all else she has in her arsenal of scrubs and oils at her website and you can check her out on FacebookYouTube and Twitter.

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