What is Your “Rona” Quarantine Plan?

As everyone knows, the coronavirus COVID-19 (known in the streets as the ‘Rona’) is spreading throughout the United States and Nashville is having to deal with the virus like everywhere else. This has lead the CDC to ask Americans to begin the process of social distancing, a deliberate way to increase the physical space between people to avoid spreading illness.

Many companies have sent employees home to work and other Nashvillians have just decided on their own to not travel around the city. Recently Mayor Cooper issued a State of Emergency in Davidson County which means we may be closer to being legally quarantined in our homes.

This led us to ask our staff at The Nashville Voice what are their quarantine plans?

Jerry L. Maynard, II (Publisher): “I plan to be quarantined in South Beach/Miami in Fontainebleau’s Penthouse Suite on the 15th floor with my ocean view patio deck!”

Nadira Freeman (Co-Editor in Chief):  “I plan to on catching up on all my TV shows, finally start my spring cleaning, and most of all complete projects from my to do list.”

Jason Luntz (Co-Editor in Chief): “This is the perfect time to finally finish that book I have been talking about writing. I also want to find some good at home workout routines and focus on staying in shape. Finally I am going to work on getting my cooking skills up to the next level.”

Camille Turner (Deputy Managing Editor): “I have written a list of everything I plan on doing if we are quarantined:

1. Learn something new each day by reading and free resources online
2. Watch all the shows and movies humanly possible. Trying to keep track so at the end I can say I watched 1,000 movies or something.
3. Catch up with families and friends I was too busy to keep up with before.
4. Try and develop a passive income business plan.
5. Study and refresh my Chinese
6. Rest, Meditate, and rejuvenate my mind, body, and spirit.
7. Strengthen my relationship with my Fiancé through quality time and games.
8. Exercise
9. Gain 100 more followers on my Cat’s Instagram page
10. Build a personal brand and presence through social media.”

Rana Webb (Social Media Manager): “I plan to quarantine in my home with some good home-cooked food some great wine and my friends Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix. As well as working on personal self improvement such as working out, writing, and reading.”

Niara Savage (Senior Writer): “If I am quarantined for a period of weeks I will dedicate time to finishing up my college coursework, which has now transitioned to online classes. I will also catch up on Netflix shows and movies, and stay up to date on the spread of the virus.”

So our question is what are your plans if you find yourself quarantined for an extended period of time?

To learn more about COVID-19 cases in Davidson County please visit

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