Vanderbilt and the National Museum of African American Music Announce Unique Partnership

The Celebration of Legends gala was an outstanding event full of great performances, great speeches and a crowd full of people enjoying themselves while reliving the songs they loved from George Clinton, Gloria Gaynor and Doug E. Fresh. The mood was festive, but there was much more going on then just celebrating the three living legends that were honored.

The Celebration of Legends gala was also in place for the National Museum of African American Music to raise money. The president, Henry Hicks, and his staff have been working hard to bring whoever is interested in helping build the museum. Well on Thursday night at the event, Hicks and his staff got a huge boost from Vanderbilt, led by Chancellor Nicholas S. Zeppos.

“We are proud to partner with the National Museum of African American Music in building the global awareness of the musical legacy and impact of African American composers, performers and supporters,” said Zeppos to the crowd.

Vanderbilt committed nearly two million dollars in support of the museum, and will be very involved from a collaborating standpoint donating their library of materials including musical objects, books, sounds, et cetera related to potential projects designed around the museum holdings.

The partnership isn’t just about the money and it shows in the detailed plan for involvement between the museum and Vanderbilt in this venture and Hicks could not be more thrilled.

“In Vanderbilt we have a world-class partner in educating the world about the contributions of African Americans to the American soundtrack. I couldn’t be more pleased and grateful.”
As time goes on in this partnership, it will be interesting to see how it develops and more importantly, how many people are educated and have their eyes open to a brand-new world of things they may have never even knew of. Education is important and Vanderbilt is investing in an education that is needed by many people in Nashville and across the country.”

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