The Autumn Essential: Sweaters

With Fall knocking on the front door, could that cause trouble for the fashionable individuals here in Nashville? During this season we will give insights on the do’s and don’ts of Fall 2019 fashions and also adjusting your wardrobe to the unpredictable Nashville weather. 

So far we are getting off to an unusual warm start this fall here in Nashville; however the evening temperatures can still drop and make it very cool to be outside.

That is why our fashion-goers continue to be prepared for the rest of the season to come. With the weather being so unpredictable, there is one necessary essentials that you have to have on stand by: 

Your favorite sweater

Even if the day starts really warm, it is the perfect item to keep enjoying yourself. Sweaters are a must as we come into cooler weather especially being that you can dress a sweater up or you can dress it down, it is your choice!

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