The 15th Annual International Black Film Festival Goes Virtual

The panels, the red carpet and the energy around Black film are three things that come to mind when it comes to the International Black Film Festival. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, you had to wonder how Hazel Joyner-Smith and her staff were going to pull this off.

Well, never fear, the International Black Film Festival (IBFF) is here again for their 15th year and this time, they are going virtual (for the first time since 2012). What some may have looked at as a hindrance has become a chance to do even more according to marketing expert Monchiere Holmes-Jones of Mojo Marketing + PR.

“This year’s virtual festival is better than ever as it continues to cultivate the Black film industry at the fingertips of the world.”

What makes the International Black Film Festival even better is they bring in they actually take the time to not only break movies, but they have the directors or actors/actresses in the movies speak about their movies, their inspirations and just how all the things came together along with giving away knowledge. That knowledge can be seen in the virtual panels that will be there throughout the Festival.

The connectivity and synergy that permeates through the events is undeniable. The power of so many Black creatives bonding together to celebrate successes, educate and give light to one another is truly unparalleled and unprecedented in the film world.

This year, there is no telling what movies will end up being the star movies, but there will be plenty of movies to be seen, plenty of knowledge to be shared and there will be plenty of people to capture your attention while you are watching on your tablet, cellphone, computer or smart television.

The Festival started on September 30th and will be running through October 4th and is something for everyone from the Make Your Own Helmet: Black Panther Tribute on Saturday morning at 10 am (led by celebrity special effects/makeup artist Rick Prince) to the Superheroes of Social Justice: past Present and Future panel on Friday Morning at 10:30 am. Adding these special touches along with the powerful documentaries that will be shown makes for a great mixture of entertainment and education.

For the full schedule of events, please head to

And follow the advice of Holmes-Jones.

“Everyone can and should experience IBFF this year- Just Press Play!”

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