Scarritt Bennett Center Special Concert Series Utilizes Sound to Provide a Healing Connection for Audiences

Nashville, TN — Scarritt Bennett Center, Nashville’s premiere urban conference and retreat center, will be hosting a series of concerts featuring music, spoken word, and prayer every 2nd Wednesday through November. The next event will take place on June 9, 2021, starting at 7:00 pm inside Wightman Chapel.

June’s event marks the third concert in the series; the first program took place in April of this year. As COVID-19 restrictions have continued to be lifted, it has allowed featured artists to perform in front of a live audience.

An audience enjoys May's An Evening of Healing Sounds, Poetry, and Prayer at Wightman Chapel on Scarritt Bennett Center's Campus (Photo by: Alpha Artistry Films)
An audience enjoys May’s An Evening of Healing Sounds, Poetry, and Prayer at Wightman Chapel on Scarritt Bennett Center’s Campus (Photo by: Alpha Artistry Films)

Scarritt Bennett’s Director of Soul Work Programming Reverend Dr. Donna Patterson believes that the concert series’ deliberate use of sound provides these audiences with an important spiritual connection. “The energy of sound vibration through intentional, thoughtful music, spoken word, and silence can open us to the flow of such connection,” explained Rev. Dr. Patterson.

The concert series was designed with the idea of using sound to help deliver a message of healing. “I believe that the power of sound, music, and rhythm can heal people at depth. It is my joy to witness people open up to the richness of their own voice and ability to create music,” said Event Coordinator and Curator Karen Renée Robb. “We are all instruments that can be played. An Evening of Healing Sound, Poetry and Prayer is my effort to bring about a whole new level of understanding about the power of sound and to co-create a rich experience that will leave people feeling changed.”

Both Rev. Dr. Patterson and Robb are scheduled to perform during the June event.

The importance of how sound is delivered in the concert series is apparent in the usage of Wightman Chapel, known for its acoustic environment. “Wightman Chapel is an exquisite sonic chamber in Nashville that is the perfect setting for the reunion of humanity with sound. I am grateful to be able to collaborate in this sacred space with incredible artists from our community,” explained Robb.

“In the sacred space of the historic Wightman Chapel, we have the opportunity to be embraced by an inclusive divine wellspring that is both within and among us as we experience this gift of An Evening of Healing Sound, Poetry and Prayer,” said Rev. Dr. Patterson.


Spoken Word

Donna Patterson and Karen Renée Robb


Micah Priest, Michael Vaughn, Chrissy Kirkwood, Kristin Clark, Bryan Clark, Lizzy Vasuta, Caroline Sledge, Kevin Schlatt, and Karen Renée Robb

Join Scarritt Bennett for an evening of sound and music by registering at Tickets are a suggested donation of $5.00 at the door.

This month’s An Evening of Healing Sound, Poetry, and Prayer is sponsored by Frame Drum Wisdom, Siriana Costa Rican Cacao, Kirkwood Property Group, and Baba’s Creations, and Nature’s Drummers. Future sponsorships are available for $50.00. Event organizers can be contacted at

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