Pumpkin Hills Offered a Family Fun Halloween Experience

Around this time of the year parents are usually looking for fun and safe activities for their family. One great option was to go to look at the pumpkins in the pumpkin patch. It’s something that the children love to spend time at and enjoy the fall weather and get into the spirit of the Halloween. Opened this October, Pumpkin Hills offered a family friendly way to enjoy the fall season.

Located in Mt. Juliet Pumpkin Hills was open every weekend through out the month of October. Every Saturday and Sunday there were a lot of children running around enjoying themselves.

The location had different activities taking place at the pumpkin patch like their pumpkin maze. Created by putting together a group of pumpkins, people walk through and have to find their way out. Many people got lost, taking almost an hour to escape because there are so many dead ends. 

Also available was a hayride where people could see different decorations with creative pumpkins that look like spiders, webs and other spooky Halloween looks. The hayride then traveled to a pumpkin patch where people got the opportunity to pick out any pumpkin they wanted.

Ashya Canty said, “I loved taking my daughter to look at the different pumpkins and guide her through the maze.” She continued, “My daughter had the time of her life and next fall I’ll be bringing her back to Pumpkin Hills.”

Make sure to put this on your list of things to do with your family next Halloween season.

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