Mani Millss Balances 101.1 The Beat, Family, and Life

Mani Millss, the current on-air talent and music director at 101.1 The Beat, has a busy life that includes motherhood, entertaining and more recently, planning a wedding. “A normal day for me is waking up early, making sure my son didn’t snooze the alarm and overall preparing for my workday. He and I leave out together, I drop him at school before work while my daughter usually stays home,” Mani explained about her usual long day. “While at work, the day can be unpredictable, but work is always fun. I pick up my son from school after and we go home to do homework, have dinner, watch family shows together and enjoy our own company.”

While this does sound like a lot going on, Mani wouldn’t have it any other way. In fact, she has other professional endeavors outside of the radio station that keeps her busy. “I intentionally keep myself busy. Outside of radio I also do an entertainment television segment on FOX 5 Atlanta, I enjoy being in the studio and making music, and I also am a brand ambassador for a health, beauty and clothing lines.”

Even though Main has so much going on, it does not deter her from being a mother at all to her two children, 9-year-old Aiden and 1-year-old Amia. Mani is also excited about her recent engagement to her fiancé’ that took place the day after Christmas last year. If you were to ask her about her time with family, she will tell you word for word, “Family is everything to me”

To those who work with Mani it may seem that the way she juggles her family life with her entertainment reporting and her work on the radio comes with ease, but this all didn’t happen overnight. “Doing what I do every day requires a lot of strength, selflessness and patience. Not that I don’t ever put myself first when necessary, but my life revolves a lot around others including my fiancé, my children, and showing up for my listeners and being there for them,” said Mani. “I’m human so of course every day is not perfect, but I mentally prepare myself, my energy, and my surroundings to keep positive energy and make it through each day.”

With all that Mani has going on with raising her children, planning a January 2022 wedding as well as her professional career, she could have given in and buckled under the weight of all the things going on in her life. Instead, she still finds time to do the things that make her happy and drive her to be successful.

Her message to others that may have a many things going on but still want to find their dreams is simple. “My advice is always to never give up. Sounds cliche I’m sure but life is too unpredictable to depend on a set plan,” Mani explained. “What worked for me may not work for everyone else, but the one thing all of us who have persevered have in common is that we never gave up. Don’t make excuses just do it. Figure it out, do it and never give up until you get where you want to be.”

Although she remains busy with work, the importance of family has not been left behind. “As I matured, I realized how important little moments and memories are outside of work so I’m always looking for ways to spend quality time. So that means saying ‘no’ when necessary to working, and instead taking my kids to the park, out to eat, watching a movie together, eating dinner as a family every night, just making sure I’m never too busy to show my kids I love them.”

Mani continues to do everything she has ever dreamed off and then some, all while finding the perfect balance of motherhood, entertainment, and her upcoming marriage.

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