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There is truly an issue in the United States when it comes to being homeless. According to the United States Interagency Council, in the state of Tennessee alone there is an estimate of 7,883 people experiencing homelessness, with nearly 2 thousand of them in the city of Nashville. Those numbers are truly significant when one thinks of a person being without shelter and proper housing. Many wonder how to end homelessness or why government officials will not attack the problem head on.

There is an organization that is dedicated to helping the homeless population in Nashville. Helping Unhoused Brothers & Sisters (HUBS) has taken on the responsibility of helping and assisting the homeless community. Founded by Mirasol Espinesen, this organization collects multiple donations and uses the funds to purchase things for the homeless community. They also partner with numerous other organizations to create events such as the Winter Prep for the homeless that was held on November 9, 2019. At the event HUBS provided food, winter clothes, hygiene items, haircuts, and ID Cards to the homeless.

HUBS also gathers at Church Street Park every Wednesday to assist the unhoused community.

In a newsletter released on HUBS website by Mirasol Espinesen, she gives her story:

“The people that knows me, knows that I’ve always been that person to give the shirt off my back, my last meal, my last dollar as well as space in my home. They also fear for my well-being as I suffer from PTSD, anxiety and depression due to military related issues. Well, my loves, just know that my strength comes from God. He’s given me the tools and experiences I needed to conquer whatever lies ahead. I’m very confident in making a huge dent in the homeless community. The HUBS website, will have everything posted from donations received, donations distributed as well as hurdles conquered whether the funds are donated or comes out of pocket. My organization will be an open book to all. I pray that it will help others to do the same thing and have a chain effect. I know of people hesitant in giving as they fear their hard-earned money will be misused. I dedicate the rest of my life that all funds will be used for the greater good. I ask that you help me make a difference.”

To help volunteer and donate visit HUBS website

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