Inspiring Actors Journey in Nashville

Actors reading their scripts on stage (Photo by: Wavebreakmedia | Envato Elements)
Actors reading their scripts on stage (Photo by: Wavebreakmedia | Envato Elements)

Pursuing a career in acting has no statistics that show the percentage of actors who become famous, because very few make it in the industry. Most people working in that industry do not operate based on statistics. Inspiring Actors and actresses operate on chance. In Nashville, local actors/actresses face hard choices in working to be the next star. 

Famous Actress Taraji P. Henson, spoke on her road to Hollywood from her walk of fame speech. “Many people from all over pack up nothing but a backpack and a dream, starting a journey to become the next best actor,” said Henson.

An inspiring local Nashville actor and TSU Alum, Germel Morrison, spoke on as a child, pushing to pursue a career in acting. “When I was a child, you know action movies and sci-fi, I just kinda of wanted to be a FBI agent like James Bond, and that’s when I decided to get into acting,” said Morrison.

Morrison addressed some downfalls in pursuing an acting career here in Nashville. “A lot of times, I would have to do free work, especially in the Nashville community, because we do not make a lot of films here,” he explained. “Most actors here in Nashville take the exposure they can get, because some exposure is better than none.” 

A Nashville AMAX Talent Agent, Genny Maxwell says that due to social media exposure, inspiring actors need to fact check for fake agencies.

“We let everyone know that they need to do their research, and make sure you are at a legitimate agency,” said Maxwell. “It takes money first to start off your journey, and inspiring actors/actresses do not want to spend money on fake agencies that will not enhance their career.”

That is why it is crucial to fact check everything about an agency before spending money. Fake agencies have been a problem for a while now in Nashville, but it also happens in other cities as well.

Like Morrison and many other Inspiring Actors, the journey to Hollywood brings new experience and also sacrifice. Unfortunately for some, a lot of money will be spent on uncertainty.


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