I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream for BEYONCE!!

NASHVILLE, TN – Elevator fights, a heart-breaking album, and the performance of the century at Coachella Music Festival, have been the greatest buzz across the country when it comes to Queen Bey. The Mother of three, decided to be on the run with her husband, Jay- Z again to prove how they’ve made it through their troubling marriage.
After giving life to two twins, Beyonce and Jay-Z released their joint album, Love Is Everything. Covering where there love stands as an African American couple.

It would’ve been easy after On the Run to excuse what happened that night in that elevator as just a drunken tiff between in-laws, but to do so would’ve been to run from the truth. It also wouldn’t have explained why Beyoncé sang her heartbreaking jilted lover’s ballad “Resentment” on that tour in a wedding dress and sobbed throughout like she was working through pain in real-time. Three years later, Jay-Z told us why on 4:44’s bonus track “MaNyfaCedGod,” admitting that’d we’d been witness to their live marriage counseling that whole tour.

Come 2018, the power couple’s “On The Run II” tour expressed and showed the couple celebrating their survival, reveling in their chemistry and embracing their roles as aspirational figures. And it all makes as all believe that anything is possible.

The Carter’s are the first to host a show at the Commodores Stadium where the stage had a space in the middle of that video screen also housed a four-story, 4X5 grid of boxes, each one occupied by the power house’s band and dancer. During the concert the couple strutted their stuff down two long run ways that stretched across the entire field. The run ways made it able for the artists to have more engagement with their fans.

Beyonce and Jay-Z preformed their hottest duets from, “Crazy in Love” down to “Drunk in Love” to prove how much they’ve grown with the years. During intervals, the Brooklyn native Sean Carter came out and performed his hottest hits from the 90s that earned him the title of the “goat” to most millennials. Mr. Carter then would get the crowd ready for the most anticipated performance by his wife Beyonce Knowles, who shocked everyone with her majorette style dance moves and angelic vocals. For the final stretch, a piece of center stage essentially lifted off, spewing fog underneath as it rolled along a track to the other end of the field.

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