Guidance Thriving During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Owner and operator o Guidance Whiskey Jason Ridgel (Photo courtesy of
Owner and operator of Guidance Whiskey Jason Ridgel (Photo courtesy of

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit everyone these days. With many uncertainties surrounding the virus, there have been many that have been stressed thinking about their jobs, kids going to school and even the day-to-day things we used to do so effortlessly. In that turn of events, there must still be a time to relax and when you’re relaxing, Jason Ridgel has the perfect thing for you, Guidance Whiskey.

A graduate of Tennessee State University, Ridgel started his entrepreneurial journey when he was 23 years old when he bought a cleaning company. The serial entrepreneur then spent time in California where he dabbled into other businesses. Through that time there was always one idea was on his mind and that was the idea to own his own liquor brand.

“The idea for Guidance came to me and I just went with it. At first, I was going to do a Saki, but after finding out I just didn’t like Saki, I knew that wasn’t the lane for me,” explained Ridgel. “So, when I got back to Tennessee, I spoke to Stacey (Thomas) and decided to go the whiskey route.”

With the help of Stacey, who has a background in liquor branding and distribution, and other friends, Ridgel continued to build until he was able to make Guidance a reality in October of 2018.

Around Nashville, you can see Guidance in stores and the one thing you always hear (and taste) is the smoothness of it. That smoothness isn’t by accident.

“You open up a bottle of Guidance and not only do you open up spirits, but you open up a convo and a camaraderie. That’s why anyone I have meetings with, we sit down and we gotta have a drink of Guidance,” said Ridgel

With Ridgel, he not only creates a delicious whiskey but a drink that creates a vibe and a feeling.  Guidance is the dream-child of Ridgel, but his dream is even bigger than Guidance.

Ridgel explains, “everyone thinks I got in this to make a ton of money. Guidance is $49 a bottle and I make $11. The goal is to infiltrate the industry. The buying power me and other black liquor owners could create would be incredible.”

Ridgel may not have got into business with Guidance to make money, but he has experienced a 30% increase in sales during the pandemic and with that, he is infiltrating the industry like he mentioned.

Guidance can not only change the game but birth an experience for all those that have the pleasure to taste it.  And with the pandemic still here and stress levels still high, Guidance is something you can sip on while relaxing and easing your mind. For more news on Guidance, be sure to visit  And stay tuned for all the new things Ridgel has coming.

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