Great Ways to Take the Fun to the Backyard

If you’ve been spending a lot of time indoors lately, you may be ready to get outside for some fresh air. Here’s how to make your backyard the center of family fun.

• Set up an outdoor theater: There’s no need to spend the day indoors, even if your family wants to binge watch favorite shows. Whether you’re viewing a movie, video chatting with friends or looking at a slideshow of old family photos, a portable projector can quickly transform the backyard into a home theater. Those from Casio are particularly versatile, offering speedy set-up and the ability to transition from daytime to nighttime viewing.

• Be sure to get comfy: Your home theater will get more use if it offers the same amenities as the living room. Luckily, these days, it’s easy to find weather-resistant furniture as comfortable as your favorite couch.

• Make music: Host a socially distanced block party with your neighbors and offer to provide the music. All you need is a portable keyboard to set the tone. Not only do Casio keyboards have the ability to hook up to a laptop or tablet so you can play any song from your library, if you put the keyboard on Dance Music Mode, you can add beats, sounds or filters to anything you want.

• Get ready, get set, go: Keep everyone busy and active with a decathlon. Feature all-age friendly events like a potato sack race, Frisbee toss, long jump and more. Whether you keep score or play just for the fun of the game, you can make a day of it — and add a little gravitas — by including opening and closing ceremonies.

With the right tools and ideas, the backyard can become your go-to destination for relaxation, entertainment, competition and fun.

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