Get Equipped for Your Best Camping Trip Yet

Camping is always a great time, but especially when you’re well-equipped. Here’s what to take along with you on your next overnight into the great outdoors:

• See better: Visibility is everything on the trail. So if you’re leaving the campsite for a hike or trek, it’s important to prep for a safe transition from day to night in the event you don’t make it back before nightfall. During the day, wear polarized sunglasses to reduce glare and offer UV protection. Then, before the sun goes down, break out a lightweight headlamp to illuminate your way.

• Support your trek: You can support your active outdoor activities with wearable tech. Whether you plan to hike, rock climb or canoe, the innovative design of Casio PRO TREK watches offer a range of features making them a good choice. The PRTB50 Series adds Bluetooth capabilities that enable data communication with a smartphone running the PRO TREK Connected app for the ultimate in ease of use, while the Quad Sensor system packs a compass, altitude/barometer and temperature measurements, along with an accelerometer tracking step count, into a compact configuration.

• Campfire entertainment: Put a fresh spin on the traditional campfire sing-along by bringing along a portable keyboard. With a Casiotone keyboard, you can simply grab the carrying handle, pop in six AA batteries and make music any time, anywhere. A Dance Music Mode feature divides the keyboard into different instrument sections like drums, bass and more. By playing different combinations of keys, you can create and instantly remix dance music using 50 built-in styles, as well as familiar effects like stutter and filter.

• Great meals: Speaking of the campfire, you only need a few simple tools to cook right over the open flame. With a portable grate, you can create a makeshift grill for burgers, hot dogs and other barbecue favorites. Or simplify even further by wrapping foods in aluminum foil and baking them directly in the flames. Remember, cooking under the stars doesn’t need to be boring, so be sure to bring your favorite herbs, spices and hot sauces to enhance that wood-fired flavor.

• Better sleep: To get recharged for another day of outdoor activity, make sure you have the right equipment for comfortable sleep. Place an air mattress under your sleeping bag for an additional layer between you and the hard ground. Many models these days have built-in pumps for quick set-up. As for the sleeping bag itself, be sure to check the temperature rating and ensure it matches the overnight weather forecast for your trip.

From sunrise to sunset, you can make sure every aspect of your camping trip is well-equipped to be the best one yet.

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