Cameo Bobo Changing Nashville One Person at a Time

The power to effectively help people in life is a power very few have. Cameo Bobo is one of those people and she is right here in Nashville.

At a young age growing up in Jackson, Tennessee, Cameo had a pretty good idea of what she wanted to do.

“Growing up in Jackson, I loved to help people. If you ask anyone about Cameo from Jackson, they will say she had a kind heart.”

That kind spirit and servant’s heart followed Cameo all the way to college at Middle Tennessee and in her everyday life and now she is paying it forward with a few things she is doing.

“I have an organization called FAWM (Fearfully and Wonderfully Made). It’s all about letting girls know they are fearfully and wonderfully made and beautiful unique princesses. So, we are spreading that FAWM message through outreach, FAWM merchandise and we also have FAWN song. It’s just a thing that I do to uplift and encourage young girls because I really have a heart for that.”

Cameo is not only working to help young girls, but she is also bringing messages to women across the area too and her latest event is her goal setting workshop.

When asked how she began to get into doing goal setting, it was on the encouragement of a friend that got her going in this direction.

“I was on a New Year’s trip with two of my friends and one morning one of my friends, Dawn Harrington, and I were having breakfast and I was like ‘Okay Dawn. Let’s get our goals together. So, we’re going through them and she said ‘You know. You have been doing this for years.’ She reminded me of all the times I had gotten our friends together on conference calls and did email chains about goal-setting and she said ‘I want you to come share your goal-setting methods with my board.’ So, I went and I shared the information with her board. They loved it. So, I just started setting dates and did a mini-tour. Everyone loved that, so I started just doing it on a regular basis. I’ve been having the meetings monthly so far.”

As for the Best Life Now Formula, Bobo gives a little taste of what it is.

“The Best Life Now Formula and it is a proven method to help you achieve your goals. It is the method I have used to achieve goals in 90-day increments and I also have used it to achieve my personal goals, business goals, my goals to meet certain celebrities. Whatever it may be, I have used this formula for the last ten years of my life and I have seen proven results from it.”

The Goal Setting workshop: Come And Learn the Best Life Now formula, will take place on Sunday, July 21st at 2pm at Elevate Café. Cost is $30 for the workshop and if you pay an additional $15, you get a detailed action plan to help align your goals to meet in 90 days as well.

Cameo is taking the love for helping people and trying to help people be better one day at a time.

For more information on all the things Cameo is involved in, feel free to check out her websites and or you can find her on social media(Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) @iamcameo or @wearefawm.

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