Author Eric E. Brown to Discuss his Book “Weekend Reflections” with Writer Molly Secours

Nashville, TENN — Parnassus Books recently announced a virtual conversation with Eric E. Brown, Jr. author of Weekend Reflections, and writer/filmmaker Molly Secours. The virtual event will take place on the Parnassus Books Facebook page ( Thursday, January 14, 2021 at 6:00pm CST.

Weekend Reflections is a graphic memoir that shows the journey of a black man becoming a vulnerable and courageous human being through words and pictures. The book travels through Blackness, relationships, religion, culture, and Hip Hop to fully-paint life against the colorless assumptions made by a first glance. Weekend Reflections is a stream of consciousness with out-loud visuals that are full of ambiguous thoughts, contrarian views, and insightful experiences of a Southern, Black, Hip Hop Man that hopes to grow and find understanding by saying the things that are usually left unsaid.

Eric E. Brown Jr.
Eric E. Brown Jr. (Courtesy Photo)

As a self-published author, Brown believes that partnering with Parnassus Books to discuss Weekend Reflections makes perfect sense. “I’m very appreciative and supportive of independent bookstores. Parnassus has been a great advocate for black and local authors in getting their books out to wider audiences,” he explained. “Ann Patchett and Karen Hayes help local authors, particularly black authors to have their voices elevated from their lived experiences to groups to know a deeper perspective for the prose of equity and inclusion within our city.

Joining Brown is Molly Secours, a Nashville based writer, filmmaker, and public speaker. Secours has long been a voice for social change and has produced more than 60 films and videos about disparities in education, criminal justice, and healthcare. She recently received acclaim for her book White Privilege Pop Quiz, a work that urges readers to examine their biases by taking a quiz that reveals “White Privilege”.

Molly Secours (Courtesy Photo)
Molly Secours (Courtesy Photo)

“Molly’s Book, White Privilege Pop Quiz is a book for white people to take a closer look at how they do not have to experience the world or ignore particular pains of others and will still be okay. She highlights that other people of color and their communities do not always have this luxury,” said Brown. “I believe our thoughts on race and vulnerability are two sides of the same coin. We can reach communities together and give perspectives from different angles. Her, an older white woman and Me, a younger black man can push the envelope on race, and the sub-topics that are rooted from it.”

The conversation will take place on Facebook Live. According to Parnassus Books the video will be archived and will be placed on their Facebook Page under Videos.

Brown’s book is now available for order at

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