Anthony Anderson Receives Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star

Black PR Wire – Howard University student, Anthony Anderson attended his Walk of Fame ceremony on Friday—one day before his 50th birthday—alongside his family and friends, sharing on Instagram that “Dreams do come true.”

“Today was a GREAT day! Dreams do come true! Those dreams are made possible thru faith, hard work, patience and sacrifice! I want to thank everyone that’s been a part of my journey thus far.” Anthony said in his Instagram Post

In 2018, Anthony announced on Jimmy Fallon that he’s on the road to graduating from Howard University alongside his son, Nathan Anderson, in 2022.

“I was paying for college myself, and I ran out of money after my Junior year,” Anderson says of his decision to drop out of college during his younger years. Anthony Anderson’s story is definitely one that exhibits delay without denial as he has been working to find a way to finish his final year of undergraduate studies.

Alongside the message, the Los Angeles native shared a series of photos from the ceremony, including images of him posing with the star. In another photo, Anderson’s family is seen celebrating in true pandemic fashion—wearing custom masks adorned with Anderson’s smile and beard.

“I was looking forward to the pomp and circumstance that surrounds anyone getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, because not just anyone can or will get that,” Anderson told Variety in an interview published on Friday.

He also told the outlet he had hoped to celebrate big with his family and friends but “unfortunately that type of event can’t happen because of what’s happening in the world right now.” Still, Anderson said the honor is a testament to how hard he has worked throughout his career.

“It’s surreal in a way to see where I’ve come from, the work that I put into this and that I still put into this, and then it all culminating in and having that work paid off with a star on that same Hollywood Walk of Fame,” he said. “You couldn’t write a story better than that.

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