7 Reasons Why You Should Move to Nashville, TN

A happy Nashville TN resident.
A happy Nashville TN resident. (Photo by: Andrea Piacquadio | Pexels).

By Gloria Johnson

Even though Nashville may not be as famous as other US cities, the capital city of Tennessee has a lot to offer to its residents. As the capital of country music, there is never a shortage of entertainment in Nashville. However, it is not just the Appalachian Mountains and fantastic country music concerts that you can look forward to. Both residents and tourists visiting Nashville are amazed by the versatility and vibrance of this city. In fact, good food, splendid architecture, excellent education, job opportunities, and welcoming locals have become synonymous with Nashville! So, if you are considering renting or buying in Nashville, this article can help you get a clearer idea about why you should move to Nashville, TN.

1. Nashville, TN is a cosmopolitan, multicultural city

These characteristics have rendered Nashville the proper cosmopolitan city of the American Southeast. What’s more, this is the first city in the region that promoted racial liberties by desegregating public spaces and institutions. In light of this, it is no wonder that the first female African-American news host and anchor, Oprah Winfrey, comes from Tennessee.

And the libertarian spirit of this city is also recognized in its welcoming of the Kurdish people, given that this city is home to the largest Kurdish minority in the US. Also, even despite Covid-19, there has been a massive influx of both US and young international professionals and other people seeking job opportunities because Tennessee boasts a healthy job market and a relatively low cost of living. That being said, let’s dig deeper into all that Nashville has to offer to its new residents.

2. Nashville is the cradle of country music

As we have mentioned, Nashville is renowned for stellar country musicians and epic record labels. This means there are numerous entertainment venues you can frequent, such as the Grand Ole Opry, which is home to the oldest live radio show in the world. The influence Nashville artists have had on the genre goes so far that it even developed its own subgenre.

Namely, “The Nashville Sound” has prominent back choruses and unforgettable string arrangements. The country music-oriented venues attract a lot of tourists to the city, which makes for an overall very lively, exciting entertainment scene.

A big sports hall in Nashville, TN.
From music to sports events, there is never a dull moment in Nashville, TN. (Photo by: Photo by Chait Goli | Pexels).

3. Nashville food 

You will probably be happy to hear that the culinary culture in Nashville doesn’t fall behind its music scene. Once you settle into your new Nashville home, make sure that the first treat to your palate is the famous ‘Nashville hot chicken’ – a dish made of marinated, fried meat topped with a cayenne pepper spicy sauce. Of course, the original recipe is a well-guarded secret, and for a good reason. This delectable dish is just one of the many incredible meals you can enjoy in local restaurants that frequently top US best restaurant charts!

4. Great education 

The image we have painted so far might give you the impression Nashville, TN, is all play and no work. Yet, many people choose to move to Nashville with their families because it has excellent schools and colleges. In fact, it has earned the moniker ‘The Athens of the South’ – partly because it is home to the world’s only replica of the Parthenon.

Vanderbilt University and Tennessee State University are great educational institutions in the country, the latter known for being a historically black university. In addition, there are a number of private schools and colleges affiliated with various Christian churches and denominations.

5. Great employment opportunities

Where there are good schools, there are plenty of great job positions as well. At least, that is what the job market looks like in Nashville, TN. Aside from attracting many educated musicians, Nashville is also home to an advanced automotive industry, given that Nissan based its US headquarters here. In addition, you have other Fortune 500 companies that do business in Nashville, such as the Dollar General, Tractor Supply Company, and the Hospital Corporation of America.

Nashville business district.
Another important thing to consider when moving to a new city is its economy. And, luckily, Nashville’s economy is a force to be reckoned with. (Photo by Shane Raynor | Pexels).

Next to these industry giants, there are also a plethora of other successful companies in the area. Compared to the national average of 3%, the relatively low unemployment rate of 3.3% instigates many people to move from other US states to Nashville in search of a good job. If you plan to do so in the near future, make sure you hire a reputable company. This is the best way to settle here stress-free and start looking for a job right away.

6. The neighborhoods

Another reason why you should consider moving to Nashville is the great neighborhoods, If you are looking for a good neighborhood where you can live and prosper, Nashville has a lot to offer. Want to be in the center of the action? There are great apartments at a range of prices in Downtown and SoBro. Hillsboro Village is a thriving neighborhood for families because it is close to Nashville’s universities. For a more stylish, modern neighborhood, take a look at property listings in Germantown. And finally, for those who live in a leap of luxury, Belle Meade is the way to go.

Downtown Nashville riverfront.
Nashville neighborhoods are friendly and safe. (Photo by Kelly L | Pexels).

7. Amazing nature

Interestingly enough, it is not just the city itself that makes Nashville so great. It is also the great outdoors in and around the city. The local climate is subtropical, with warm summers and mild winters. This means you can visit the many natural sites all year round. Although the spring rains can get a bit unpredictable, they make the vegetation vibrantly green and full of life. Since even the climate in this city is charming and enjoyable, it becomes almost glaringly obvious why you should move to Nashville, TN!

Gloria Johnson
Gloria Johnson (Submitted Photo).

Gloria Johnson is a Nashville, TN native, a journalist, and an occasional tourist guide. She is an expert on everything in Nashville – its history, culture, and music scene. Throughout her career, she has written a number of articles and co-eds about the local culture, events, and venues. Given her knowledge of Nashville neighborhoods, customs, and intricate social networks, she has also cooperated with moving companies such as bestcrosscountrymovers.com on creating the most comprehensive and adequate range of services for their clients.

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