Nashville General Hospital Report Displays the Successes of 2020

Nashville, TENN – Nashville General Hospital (NGH) recently released its 2020 Year-End Report proving that even in a year made difficult by the COVID-19 pandemic, the hospital was still able to make a positive impact on the community.

Providing care for more than 58,000 patients each year, NGH delivers care to people from all areas of Davidson County. Even with the hospitals long history of providing services to patients regardless of their ability to pay, in 2020 their commercial insured patients accounted for 60% of their patient population.

This was not the only success in one of the most challenging years in healthcare in over a century. Newborn deliveries, surgery outpatient cases, and a variety of NGH clinics saw growth last year. NGH CEO Dr. Joseph Webb reflected on the importance of the hospital’s staff and their positive effect during these difficult times. “Regardless of the many challenges presented throughout 2020, the Nashville General Hospital team stepped up to deliver on our vision of exceptional community healthcare-one neighbor at a time,” explained Dr. Joseph Webb. “Enhancements and expanded healthcare services have resulted in positive clinical outcomes, not just for our patients but also for the City of Nashville.”

Dr. Joseph Webb
Dr. Joseph Webb

Other important 2020 outcomes to be noted are the increase in the number of patients in control of their diabetes, the number of female patients that received mammograms, and the number of patients screened for depression.

Patient satisfaction grew in 2020 due to expanding clinic evening hours, central scheduling hours, and MRI hours. NFH also updated their website making it user-friendly and easier to navigate for patients. “At Nashville General, the patient always comes first. From chronic disease prevention and management, to the Food Pharmacy’s tornado relief efforts and combating the COVID-19 pandemic, Nashville General remains committed to being a patient-centered healthcare delivery system for all of Nashville.,” said Dr. Webb.

With a continued focus on the healthcare issues that truly affect Nashville communities and an expansion of services provided by hiring additional Board-certified staff, NGH was able to overcome the obstacles of 2020. To learn more about NGH and its mission to improve the health and wellness of Nashville, please visit

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