Nashville General Hospital Providing Support to COVID-19 Patients

Last week, as states around the country began to make more detailed COVID-19 statistics available, a disturbing trend emerged. In cities from Chicago to New York, disadvantaged communities were bearing the brunt of the outbreak. In Nashville, the same pattern holds true: More diverse neighborhoods are behind on testing and lower income zip codes are hotspots for the virus.

In order to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic, local health systems must ensure that all populations– especially those that are particularly vulnerable to the virus– maintain access to adequate services for testing and treatment. Nashville General Hospital (NGH) has supported patients and their families in Davidson County for 125 years, and remains committed to providing all residents with holistic, quality healthcare.

In recent weeks, people around the world have expressed a newfound appreciation for Essential Workers, like the nurses, truck drivers, and grocery store workers that keep our communities healthy by providing life-sustaining services. During this pandemic, our Everyday Heroes who work forward facing jobs are especially vulnerable to COVID-19. NGH remains committed to providing care to those who are most at risk to the virus and is also dedicated to caring for patients from underserved communities, and for the uninsured.

You can make a difference by donating to the Nashville General Hospital Foundation, to make equitable, patient-centered care more accessible to all Davidson County residents.

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