Davidson County Legislators and Healthcare Leaders Push for Nashvillians to Get Vaccinated

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The Davidson County Legislative delegation, Nashville General Hospital (NGH), and Meharry Medical College met on Friday, April 29, 2021, to urge all Nashvillians to roll up their sleeves and get one of the COVID-19 vaccinations. The elected officials and healthcare leaders joined to ask faith leaders, business leaders, community activists, elected officials, and educators to encourage their parishioners, employees, customers, students, co-workers, and loved ones to get vaccinated.

Tennessee currently ranks 47th out of the 50 U.S. states in vaccinations. Nearly 41% of adults have been vaccinated from COVID-19 in Tennessee, versus the national average of 50.4%.

The group explained that it is imperative that they encourage Nashvillians to get vaccinated so that we can freely go to church, music venues, restaurants, and back to work safely. “We owe it to our neighbors and families to fight COVID-19 with every tool available to us,” said Democratic Caucus Chairman Vincent Dixie.

Nashville State Senator Heidi Campbell added, “We’re all in this together and there’s only one way to put the COVID-19 pandemic in our rearview mirror for good. We have to get vaccinated and encourage our friends, family and loved ones to get vaccinated too.”

Healthcare professionals believe that the more people that get vaccinated the less we have to worry about another surge of COVID-19 breaking out. The push for vaccination is one to help Tennesseans return to a sense of normalcy. “All of us have had our lives impacted by COVID-19,” Rep. Dixie added, “We’ve either had a loved one ill or possibly even died from the virus, we’ve had a business we own or frequented shut its doors or become trapped in the unemployment cycle due to job loss. We have to turn this around and vaccination is the best way to fight this.”

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