Welcoming The Pepper Pott to Nashville

Looking for the perfect location to try Caribbean cuisine, then Pepper Pott is the place to be. The family owned and operated business founded by Karen Pottis located in the heart of West Nashville. The restaurant’s name is derived from a national dish of Guyana.

Co-owner Isiah Thomas explains, “The name symbolizes the heritage of our ancestors. We added the additional “t” to “Pott” for our last name Thomas.”

Isiah Thomas, co-owner of The Pepper Pott (Courtesy Photo)
Isiah Thomas, co-owner of The Pepper Pott (Courtesy Photo)

Q: Who is behind The Pepper Pott? (Owners) 

A: The Pepper Pott is a family-owned and operated business founded by our mom Karen. We work together as a family team to bring quality and authentic food to Nashville. 

Q: How did it get started and what is the vision? 

A: Our mom (Karen) originally started cooking for family and friends out of our home, who wanted to try authentic Guyana food. Afterwards she partnered with a on restaurant concept before the flood in 2012, then a food truck that closed in 2016. After taking a few years off we have returned to the market. This time we are growing our clientele organically while reconnecting with previous customers. Our lean business model gives us the opportunity to pivot quickly, making updates as we receive feedback to make things more efficient.

Q: Where are the owners from? 

A: My Mom Karen was born in Linden, Guyana (1 year after Guyana gained its Independence).Her 3 sons were born in Brooklyn, NY and grew up in between North & East Nashville areas after relocating in the late 90s.

Q: What’s your specialty dish? 

A: Our most popular dishes and specialties are Oxtails, Cabbage, Rice & Peas. 

Q: What do you bring to Nashville that other restaurants may not?

One of The Pepper Pott's meals. (Courtesy Photo)
One of The Pepper Pott’s meals. (Courtesy Photo)

A: Nashville is known for hot chicken and Southern comfort food. The Pepper Pott is an authentic Guyanese restaurant full of culture and food that is a great mixture of west Indian, Portuguese and Caribbean influences. Nashvillians get to experience a different type of comfort food that my mom grew up with. Every ingredient that we can possibly produce is made from scratch.

Q: Do you sell any sauces or merchandise? 

A: We are in the process of bottling our house made sauces and housemade drinks. Merchandise will also be available soon.

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They are currently open Friday-Saturday 11am-6pm and Sunday 12pm-6pm. The average price for a meal is $4.00-$14.00 depending on what you order. They offer a la carte items and have popular plates that have two sides and protein at $14.00.

Deliveries, drop-offs and catering information:

Grab + Go concept, Contactless Curbside Pick-up, & Delivery through our Website, Postmates, Uber Eats, Grub hub & Postmates & Doordash. We also offer catering by request.

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